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      Original request:  https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira-questions/Group-Membership-list/qaq-p/891013?utm_source=atlcomm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=immediate_general_answer&utm_content=topic



      This is a HUGE problem every repo effectively has to have everybody added manually because we do not have a simple means to answer these questions

      Average (non-admin) user need to be able to determine:

      1) Please show a list of [security] group names.

      2) Please show a membership list for Group (NAME)

      3) Who is the OWNER or MANAGER or ADMIN of Group(NAME) [So I can request membership]

      4) Person (X) has access, Person (Y) needs access (effectively Person(Y) needs to be added to some Group(NAME) - but I don't know who owns the group. I don't know if it is the correct group or not, Having answers to (1/2/3) above would solve this.

      5) Given User (X) - Please show a list of Groups they belong to.   Note that I also am members of various groups - Please indicate perhaps in BOLD text - groups that both (User(X) and MYSELF) belong to.


      This is a HUGE problem for our team - it happens often, every time somebody moves across projects, or a new person comes or a person exits - They do not have access to projects, we want to grant access via GROUPs but Groups are sort of useless.

      This is not a BITBUCKET or JIRA administrator level request - this is for an AVERAGE user.

      This is NOT a request for an Administrator - an AVERAGE user should be able to get to this.

      What i describe here is what I saw at a previous employer- they used this method to join various GROUPs - Access to things could be granted via specific user NAME or By way of GROUP name.  The GROUP name also served as a mailing list name. It was VERY helpful and VERY useful.

      Effectively "the name" - aka; Group name or in their case "mailing list name" - became the security group name - which could be use just about anywhere.


      I want three things - this is for JIRA and BITBUCKET and CONFLUENCE

      As a NON*ADMIN user - I should be able to - and need this feature:

      REQUEST (A) you have today a LIST OF PEOPLE - with mug shots. (BTW - This is really hard to find, it should be easy to find)

      What is MISSING and I want you to add is a list of GROUPS the person belongs to.

      When displaying the list of groups -

      OPTION 1 - show them in TWO lists:  (Group 1) groups that we SHARE in common (I belong and they belong) and (Group 2) list of groups that they belong to, and I do not belong to.

      OR - OPTION 2 - Lists the groups in multiple columns - IF that person AND myself BOTH belong to the same group THEN show the group name in BOLD,  ELSE show the group name in NORMAL text.

      I should be able to CLICK on any group and see the details of the group.

      REQUEST (B) What is MISSING is a means to LIST OF GROUPS with descriptions.

      (This should be right below or next to the VIEW PEOPLE item)


      This can be shown in two ways: 

      OPTION 1 - As two separate lists - (group 1) the list of groups that I belong to, and (group 2) the list of groups that I do not belong to.

      OR OPTION 2 - If i am a member of that group THEN display the name in BOLD, ELSE show the group name in NORMAL.

      REQUEST (C) When displaying a group (something you do not have)

      Minimally - List the OWNER of the group and contact information for that person.

      BETTER - It would be great if groups could be self administering.

      1) A CLICK button LEAVE a group,

      2) A CLICK button to JOIN a group - Some groups might be "automatic-approval"

      3) A CLICK button to REQUEST (from the owner) to JOIN the group.



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