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Sensitive data removal and tracking for Bitbucket



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      While git is not an Atlassian-developed tool, it would be good to add a feature into Bitbucket that would allow for tracking of changes when data is placed into a repo that must be removed (data that should never be committed, such as trade-secret information, sensitive or otherwise no-to-be-shared data). 

      While there are tools that allow you to remove data, they do not cleanly effect a change and allow for ensuring that the repository can continue to be worked upon easily and there is a loss of information that must be maintained in order to meet audit requirements. 

      In other words, the commit and removal of bad data needs to be tracked and stored, and the change in the repo needs to be understood by the tool post-change. Having this automated in Bitbucket would be beneficial for clients and a differentiator for Bitbucket.


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