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Create More Granular System Administration Permissions



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      We manage an instance with over 5,000 users, and need to do daily admin work within Bitbucket.  However, our administrators have write access to every repository, and admin level access to every project and repo.

      It would be ideal if the daily use administrator accounts for this team did not have project / repo admin or write access (view only).

      They would still need access to change settings in Bitbucket Server, review logs, install plugins, view all projects and repos, view the settings in the projects and repos, view source code.

      This way, they could assist teams without being able to make changes to the projects / repos owned by those teams.

      (In our case they would be able to check out LDAP accounts that would be granted a higher privilege, if required.  Right now, if they were to check out the admin account as needed - they would end up checking it out almost every day)


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