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Support "Co-Authored-By" in bitbucket web-interface



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      Atlassian status as of June 2019

      Hi everyone,

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      Imran Khan
      Product Manager - Bitbucket Server and Data Center

      Original description:

      Git has convention "Co-Authored-By"

      We encourage the use of Co-Authored-By: name <name@example.com> in commit messages to indicate people who worked on a particular patch. It's a convention for recognizing multiple authors, and our projects would encourage the stats tools to observe it when collecting statistics.



      Actually, I can put "Co-Authored-By" to commit message, but I see it as plain-text.

      Here "Leonid Mamaev" is link to profile, while "Oleg Tsarev" - just plain-text.


      I propose to make "Oleg Tsarev" second author of commit with link to him profile.


      How to do it?


      Let's look to commit deeper

      commit 54ddc1e312e23df92bc0894785dbf3c6e16e9b83 (tag: DEVEL_20171228195255, tag: DEVEL_20171228195249, ot-bazel-tests-research)
      Author: Leonid Mamaev <leonid@Leonids-MacBook-Pro.local>
      Date: Wed Dec 13 13:30:28 2017 +0100
      DEV-2986: [*] bazel: new python tests
      Co-Authored-By: Oleg Tsarev <ot@project-plato.com>

      This commit created by "Oleg Tsarev"

      He created it using "git commit --author="Leonid Mamaev <leonid@Leonids-MacBook-Pro.local>"

      Bitbucket detected this string from commit and correctly link commit to Leonid profile.

      I propose to parse also "Co-Authored-By" from commit message in exactly same way and link it as second (or third, or 4th) commit author.

      I am talking only about Bitbucket web-interface




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