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      This really starts out as a question to make sure I understand some things before I'd suggest anything.  First a little background. I discovered that using TeamCity for continuous integration, we can report the status of a build to Bitbucket Server. This status can then be used to prevent merging of a pull request unless there is a successful build. During this discovery and implementation, I found out that Bitbucket Server creates what seem to be hidden commits in the repository that keep the resulting merge of the pull request. This kind of makes sense since Bitbucket is able to tell me if there will be merge conflicts. Obviously, this happens because the merge has already been performed. I think these are in refs with the format 'refs/pull-requests/#/merge'.  I have also figured out how to build these "merge" commits in TeamCity. Doing this I know whether or not the merge will even build, not just merge. Both of which are very important. First I'd like to know if my understanding is correct. If I do understand things properly, then I'd like to suggest a feature that attaches the build status of the merged commit to the associated pull request. This would allow people to prevent a merge if the merge would not build. 


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