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Request to allow users to Add Language to the list of Programming Language



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      This is a request for the option to allow users to Add Language to the list of Programming Language.

      If it's not possible to make the list dynamically extendable, then at least prefill the available options with the base languages, such as from this [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_programming_languages|list of programming languages].


      It is practical to be able to add the language of a repository - however, the current list isn't representative of the languages in use across the industry. The current list is also a mix of languages and IDE's, which does not cover all cases.

      Just today I wanted to add Pic Basic Pro, which is of course a BASIC dialect, but the language BASIC is not an option and none of the specialized BASIC dialects would fit.

      The same is true for Microchip UC8, UC16, and UC31 compilers, and many, many more. In fact just our small site uses more than 20 specific compilers that are not covered by the current list.

      Note: This request is an extension of BCLOUD-3676  (which specifically targets PowerBASIC).





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