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Improve download file naming



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      I just tried to download my repositories code from the tag tab, because I wanted the code for a specific tagged version. I selected the gzipped version, and was a bit surprised when I saw the downloaded files name.

      The naming convention for these files seem to be [team][repository][commit-hash].[file-extension].
      I can live with this, but I honestly expected the tag to be included. Especially because the URL for the download has the form https://bitbucket.org/dataproces/text-search-service/get/[tag].tar.gz, and the tag is the information that is important to me in this case. After all, I did initiate the download from the tag tab.

      This led me to think about how I would optimally have the files named, such that they are readable, and include the information that is important.

      First of all, I suggest that the character between the parts is changed to an underscore ({}), instead of a hyphen (-) because the hyphen is used between words in repository name slugs. This gives us the following form: [team][repository]_[commit-hash].[file-extension]

      Secondly, I would like the tag to be included. I suggest the following form for this: [team][repository]_tag-[tag][commit-hash].[file-extension].
      The observant reader will notice the tag_ that prepends the tag. This, I hope, is obvious from reading the next paragraph.

      Thirdly, downloads from the branch tab should probably have something similar to tags done to it, and in accordance with the above, this gives us the following form: [team][repository]_branch-[branch][commit-hash].[file-extension]

      Lastly, one could argue that including the current date(+time?) in a branch file name would be beneficial as well.

      That was it from me (for now). Please add your thoughts below, if you have a contribution to this discussion I am hoping to start with this proposal.




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