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Pull Requests show only the latest diffs




      I am using bitbucket cloud. I do not know if this issue also applies to other hosting options.

      In a PR I expect to see a consolidated view of all of the commits applied to a branch, not the latest commit against the source branch.

      In short, the same as if I did git diff target_branch my_branch – file for each file per https://developer.atlassian.com/blog/2015/01/a-better-pull-request/. In my case this is not happening

      Only the latest commit to a pull request is shown. As such some commits / elements of some commits are masked.

      Steps to reproduce :

      1. Create branch
      2. Create PR from branch
      3. Make additional commits (typically as a result of code review comments)
      4. Repeat step 3 a few times

      Outcome only the changes from the latest commit are visible. Changes from prior commits are masked giving a false impression of what is going to be merged.

      Per the screen shots The branch was created, there was one commit and a PR was created. There have been 3 additional commits to the branch since then.

      To highlight the point in the screenshots given.
      The project/Libraries.scala file was added on the first commit and has not been amended since.
      The sonar-project.properties file was amended on the every commit, however it only has diffs (shown through the UI) on commits 5885a17 and f197f08. It shows modified on commit eddc86a which happened between the previous two, but has no diff. (Note the commit ID's given are from the screenshot attached, any auto linking may be incorrect)

      In a PR I expect to see the changes that would be made if I hit the merge button.

      As an enhancement I'd like to see a selectible window of changes eg from commit 3 to present (for the situation where I reviewed just after the 3 commit and I do not want to re-review changes). I'd forgo this enhancement if it meant I could see all the changes


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