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Run build on customer's ECS/Kube/VPC


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      It would be powerful if Bitbucket would allow Pipelines to be executed as a task in a customer's EC2 Container Service (ECS) cluster. This would allow customers to:

      • Access private resources in their VPC such as a private package repository.
      • Use IAM roles (e.g. not disclose their AWS secret keys to you).
      • Scale their own build fleets.

      I would imagine the flow would go something like this:

      • The customer creates a predefined IAM role (copy and paste from the documentation) that allows the following permissions: RegisterTaskDefinition, RunTask, StopTask, and ListTasks (possibly more).
      • The Customer than grants the Bitbucket AWS account the STS AssumeRole permission.
      • The Customer configures their ECS Integration by specifying the cluster name, CPU/memory limits, etc...
      • When starting a pipeline you would call the RegisterTaskDefinition API (if the TaskDefinition doesn't already exist) and run the task.


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