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Add the ability to run a plan as another user



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      When running a public continuous integration server, the potential risk is that a rogue build will interfere with

      1. bamboo
      2. another project

      While I suspect we could use remote agents to get around most of the risk of a plan interfering with bamboo; it does not help with preventing interference between projects.

      A cunning plan that I had was to allow the bamboo server to sudo to a variety of different accounts (typically one user per project.

      The launching the build would look something like

      sudo -u <project user> /home/bamboo/home/temp/launcher.sh

      Then the entire build would run as that user, completely isolated from the rest of the system and other plans.

      I've looked through the various plugins, and it doesn't appear I can write a plugin to intercept the build - and I don't want to have to write 4 plugins that pretty much replicate the existing builders (Ant / Maven / Maven2 / bash) - unless I can call them easily after I've sudoed - which I doubt.


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