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Cannot select a variable for version auto-increment without admin access in Bamboo



      Cannot save any changes to auto-incremented variables at configureDeploymentProjectVersioning.action (Edit Deployment Project > Release Versioning without admin or restricted admin access. After checking or unchecking a variable for auto-increment and hitting save, no error is presented and you're returned to the deployment project. Upon re-entering the Release Versioning UI you can see the changes haven't been committed.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a build plan with a plan variable E.g. variable = version, value = 1
      2. Grant full permissions to the build plan to a non-admin user
      3. Create a deployment project using that build plan as a source
      4. Grant full deployment project permissions to a non-admin user
      5. Login as non-admin user
      6. Edit deployment project > Release versioning
      7. Add variable to version > variable you created before
      8. Check the checkbox to select variable you created before for auto-increment
      9. Save

      Expected Results

      • Changes are saved

      Actual Results

      • When returning to the Release versioning UI, changes haven't been saved and no error was presented when saving.


      • If you revoke Edit permissions from a user for the Build plan, you successfully get an error message that says:

        Your updates result in changes to whether a plan variable is automatically incremented or not. You do not have permission to make changes to the plans variables.


      Only current workaround is to grant Restricted Admin access

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