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Schedule Deployment Plan based on Release (not branch)



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      I'd like to deploy a specific release artifact using a Scheduled Trigger deployment plan. Right now, a scheduled trigger can only deploy a branch. If I manually run a deployment plan, it asks me which Release to use (Promote existing release to this environment), or to create a new Release.

      Currently, our workflow is to create a branch in Bitbucket Server, and then manually run a build plan based on that branch on Monday afternoon. The artifacts from that specific release (via shared artifact) is then deployed to a server on Tuesday night. Alas, occasionally, by human error, that branch is changed after that release is created by the build plan (on Mon), but before the deployment plan is run (on Tue). If the deployment plan is run manually, I can still select that release that was created on Mon. But if I schedule the deployment plan, then it uses the then-current state of that branch, which is no longer what it was on Mon afternoon when the release was built. This causes the wrong set of code to get deployed.

      I realize the inherent problem is human error that alters the branch between Mon afternoon build and Tue night deploy. But alas, human error does happen, and we're trying to find a technical way around that

      In the end, given that we can select which release to deploy when running a deployment plan manually, I don't see why the same can't be done when the deployment plan is scheduled.

      Work-arounds to this, as well as votes for this feature request are appreciated
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