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Send customized email via Bamboo Task



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      Hi Atlassian Team,

      In some of our Bamboo plans we would like to send customized emails, for example when we deploy new version of application using Bamboo, we would like to inform business & testers via human understandable email.

      We are aware of following feature:
      but this is not enough since we don't want to change global Bamboo notification for all emails, we also don't want to restart Bamboo server each time we modify email template.

      We are also aware of linux commands like sendmail but our Bamboo Agents are not allowed to send mails, just Bamboo Master is configured to do so.

      We suggest following:

      • Bamboo should have Send Email task which should of course send email
      • It should be possible to specify to, cc, subject, body, attachments, etc.
      • It should be possible to define email body using template using Freemarker or similar technology
      • In this template it should be possible to use placeholders like bamboo.buildKey which should be replaced by actual value
      • It should be possible to load email template from Repository (GIT, SVN, etc) so that it could be defined on one place

      Please notice that Jenkins (which is free) has similar component:
      so Bamboo (which is paid) should not be behind.

      Many thanks,
      Ondrej Lerch


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