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Storing Build Repositories in Repository



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      Consider a very large codebase, more than 10 years old. Currently supported versions consist of code written in Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013. Chances are the next version is going to support Visual Studio 2015.

      Now consider that the repo has numerous branches, e.g. release-v4.5, release-v5.0, release-v5.1, release-v5.5, release-v6.0, release-v6.1, develop and master. Each branch has its own set of dependencies, in terms of Visual Studio, Platforms and Architectures (e.g. 32bit vs 64bit).

      Also consider that keeping this in Bamboo complicates configuration, is time consuming, error prone and doesn't allow for use of features (like build all branches).

      Allow for the plan configuration to be stored in the repo, so that it can be versioned with each branch. When the repo changes, read the plan configuration (aka capabilities, steps) from the repo in order to execute it.

      So the net effect is that Bamboo can still use the right agent to build the system based on its capabilities, while easing configuration by being able to build "all" branches. While the master branch may be using Visual Studio 2015, while release-v5.5 can still use Visual Studio 2012.


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