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As a plan admin, I would like to being able to configure a stage to be manual for branch plans only



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      I recently setup some build plans at my company, and I like the branch management feature.

      And I like the idea to automatically deploy to a development environment each night.
      But I do not want all branch plans to be deploy, although I would like that to be optional (i.e. a manual stage).

      This is how I've solved it now.
      One plan with two stages and branch management enabled.
      1) build/test and
      2) deploy (manual stage)

      Another plan with identical two stages, but the 2nd stage (deploy) not manual.

      This allows me a nightly deployment for 'master' (automatically), and I can optionally start deployment from a branch plan.

      What I would like is that I could select a stage to be either
      1) Automatic
      2) Manual
      3) Automatic for default branch/Manual for branch plan

      This would achieve what I would like to do in a single plan, which would of course be far more easier to administer than having two sets of identical plans.
      Not to mention the overhead that a single VCS revision is actually built twice.


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