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Run Customized - Plan Variable View Preferences



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      We just upgraded Bamboo to the latest version (4.4.4) and found out that there was a feature that we have long been taking for granted, and now it's gone. When running a plan customized (overriding plan variables) we used to be able to see all the variables (and their values) all listed out. Now, you have to select a variable from a drop-down list. While this may seem like an insignificant change, it is actually affecting our users quite a bit. Now, instead of being able to see at a glance what variables are okay and which ones need to be overridden, they are forced to either remember which variables need to be changed for each and every plan, or they have to do a long series of clicking to bring out every variable in the drop-down list so they can get back to how things were and see what needs to be changed. It would be great if you could just include like a "Run Customized View Preference" option where you could specify specific plan variables that should be shown every time.

      I hope that all made sense, let me know if you have any questions.


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