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Installer package is "damaged and cannot be reopened" on Mac OS X



      • Mac OS X requires binaries to be signed with a Developer ID certificate to run out of the box on mac os x. Without code signing, you should get a warning that the app isn't from the App Store or a registered Apple Developer.
      • This used not to be a problem as users were told how to fix it
      • Latest versions of Mac OS X report that the download is corrupted rather than blocked by developer id. This is an apple bug. Getting to them to fix it will be near impossible.

      Possible solution

      • We get a Developer ID certificate and sign our installer binary with it. This is easy to get - we have one for HipChat and we can generate another one.
      • Make code signing work
        1. We use the command line tool to resign each binary after install4j has packaged it (mac only). This would require us to package it manually as a DMG not preferred
        2. Upgrade to the latest install4j 5.x and use its built in code signing to sign the developer id certificate. This should work on all platforms and be automated preferred

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