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Dedicated Channels / Assign an Issue to a Channel



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      Our team went through a Hipchat -> Stride migration, only to be caught by surprise by the Atlassian/Slack partnership, and then have to switch from Stride -> Slack.

      We had integrations we really liked between Jira and Hipchat, some which were out-of-the-box configurations, and some which involved custom scripting. We miss them!

      The main one we need seems so basic: Just setting up a 1:1 association between a Jira issue and Slack channel. Updates to the issue, comments, subtask activity on the issue, etc. would be posted in the Slack channel.

      We also used to have some conveniences like automatically creating the Hipchat room when an issue went to In Progress, automatically inviting team members for the assigned team into the new room, and automatically archiving it when the issue was closed. Unfurling of issue IDs in Hipchat rooms was nice, too.

      I see that the Jira Server for Slack app ( https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1220099/jira-server-for-slack-official?hosting=server&tab=overview ) supports creating a connecting a dedicated channel to a Jira issue.

      But we are using Jira Cloud, and the current "Jira Cloud for Slack" doesn't seem to enable specific issue-to-channel association.

      Does anyone know if Is this a planned-for feature in Jira Cloud for Slack? We are currently using the third-party "Slack Jira Integration" app and aren't too happy with it.





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