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Need to have more documentation on architecture and operation detail of the Jira Server for Microsoft Teams Plugin



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      We need to provide our customers with more information on the architecture details of how the Jira Server for Microsoft Teams plugin work.
      The document we currently have in the link: https://www.msteams-atlassian.com/JiraServer/ is very abstract and doesn't give any insight on how the plugin works.

      We need to have some architecture diagrams to show how the plugin connects to Microsoft teams and what are the services that work in between Jira and the Microsoft Teams.
      Having a clear block diagram would help very much in describing the architecture.
      We would need to identify all the Azure services that will directly interface with the plugin on the customer side, Identifying their IP address ranges and their function.

      Also the document: https://www.msteams-atlassian.com/JiraServer/ requests the customer to white list a large list of IPs, it doesn't tell why those needs to be white-listed and what are the hosts/services that correspond to those IPs which makes the job of justifying those white-lists difficult.

      Moreover for customer using an outbound proxy, the documentation must be adjusted as well. The outbound proxy configuration must be adjusted to allow Jira to reach those IP through outbound proxy.




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