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change homepage in Atlassian Cloud from JIRA to Confluence (configurable)



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      As an Atlassian OnDemand company administrator
      I want to be able to configure the default home page that shows up for all users after login to be the Confluence homepage instead of the JIRA homepage
      so that most users do not have to do extra clicks to get to their real "homepage" as most users are not interested in the issues view in their daily work.

      As side notes:
      The Confluence homepage is even much more flexible to be configured than the JIRA homepage. In Confluence I can choose any page to be the homepage.
      And no, it is not an option to just don't give application access to JIRA to most of the users (which would default Confluence to be their homepage), as they first are rare users (not non-users) and second we do have an open information policy internally, so everybody should be able to see (almost) everything.

      This is about their landing page and not restricting information access.

      Note: This has been deployed to Cloud for desktop browsers. Mobile browsers are still being worked on.


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