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Ability to Apply Security Policies for Individual Managed Accounts



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      Release Update


      We are excited to announce that we have shipped the Authentication policies feature. Using this feature you can test out security policies on individual managed accounts before enabling it across your organization (https://www.atlassian.com/software/access/guide/elements/authentication-policies#why-apply-multiple-authentication-policies). We are still in the last leg of the rollout. If your organization doesn’t have the feature yet, file a support ticket (https://support.atlassian.com/contact/#/) and we will enable the feature for you.


      The Atlassian Access team.


      Problem Definition

      As an Org Admin, before applying security policies to managed accounts its important to first demonstrate the features on an individual account before enforcing to all managed accounts.

      Suggested Solution

      Allow Org Admins the ability the enable two factor authentication and password policies on an individual basis

      Why this is important

      As an Org Admin, its important we test security policies to effectively support the managed accounts

      1. The Org Admin would test the waters and ensure the process works as expected
      2. The Org Admin may decide to document the process for internal purposes and thus enabling the features beforehand to effectively support and field questions from managed account holders if needed

      + Service accounts: The user should have the option to exclude single users from password polices, for example, a service account cannot have the password changed according to the password polices.


      Only unmanaged accounts can be enabled on an individual basis


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