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Add the ability to provision unmanaged users through the user-provisioning feature


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      Release Update

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm pleased to announce that we have shipped this feature request. If you configured your SCIM connection after November 15, 2020, your SCIM connection supports syncing unmanaged users. All user in your identity provider group will sync to Atlassian

      If your SCIM connection was configured before November 15, 2020 you will need to opt-in to this feature. You can find more information about opting in on this blog post https://confluence.atlassian.com/cloud/blog/2021/01/easily-provision-users-from-outside-your-verified-domain-to-atlassian-products

      Narmada Jayasankar
      Product Manager, Atlassian Access

      Problem Definition

      Users may often want to use the user-provisioning feature to provision not only their managed users but also third-party users which they don't own the domain but are part of their IdPs userbase.
      Not being able to provision those users forces these customers into manually inviting them which can be painful depending on the size of their userbase.

      Suggested Solution

      Add the ability to provision unmanaged users into the user-provisioning feature.

      Our ask to customers who would like to use this – please share with us the following input so that we understand the use cases more accurately:

      1. Roughly, the number of users you plan to provision and manage from your IdP:

      1. of managed users
      2. of external users

      2. Which IdP you (plan to) use:

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