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Indicate when managed accounts have been disabled across an organization within site user management



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      Atlassian Update – 16 January 2019

      Hi everyone,

      We're changing this from a bug to an improvement request as the behavior is intended. When you disable a user as an organization administrator, this disables the users Atlassian account across all Atlassian Cloud properties. The user will not be able to log in and they will not be billable for any products that they have access to.

      However a disabled user can still be "activated" for a particular Jira or Confluence Cloud site. While their account is disabled and they will not be able to log in, they still appear in the "Users" list for that site. Conversely, you can "deactivate" a user for a specific Jira or Confluence Cloud instance without disabling their entire Atlassian account.

      We recognize that this situation can cause confusion; therefore we do plan to review how we can more accurately indicate the status of a user in both site and organization administration.

      Also, please note that the functionality to create an organization, verify a domain, and manage accounts (including disabling accounts) is free for all Atlassian Cloud customers and does not require an Atlassian Access subscription. We have updated the description accordingly.

      Dave Meyer
      Atlassian Access Product Management


      Managed users disabled on Atlassian Access (Identity Manager) show as active on UM, but they will not list under the active users. Some site administrators will get confused as they are able to click to activate and deactivate the user account, but it will still show on the inactive users list.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Disable an user on Atlassian Access's managed accounts menu.
      2. Check on /admin/user (Site Administration > User Management > Users).
      3. Mark to show inactive users and search for the disabled user.

      Expected behaviour

      User will have the deactivated status and a notice informing that he is disabled on Atlassian account level should be displayed to clarify what is happening.

      Actual result

      User does not show on the active list, but does not show as deactivated either.


      The same issue can also cause an active user to be listed under the 'inactive users' list in UM and, in this case, the user won't be able to log-in even if is active. Clicking on Deactivate and then Activate again in UM does not make any difference.


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