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Improve organization audit log for IP allowlisting


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      Problem Definition

      The organisation audit logs related to IP allowlisting is not sufficient to know what change was made (e.g. edited the name, before and after), what product was added/removed, on which site. 

      Suggested Solution

      Please add all the details for any change in the IP allowlist in the organisation audit log entry. Examples are:

      • Change of IP policy name, before and after
      • Added/Removed product on the policy
      • Added/removed site on the policy
      • Added/removed IP address on the policy

      Why this is important

      This is important to track what has been changed and by who for security purposes. Currently, the information are not logged in detail. 

      It only shows "Edited <Policy Name> IP allowlist" which isn't helpful with auditing and security investigations. 


      No workaround is available right now

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