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I think it would be real nice if Greenhopper provides evidence-based scheduling to JIRA

See the rationale in practice here: http://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2007/10/26.html
FogBugz has this feature, which is really neat: http://www.fogcreek.com/FogBugz/learnmore.html#hist_PredictShipDates

Comment by Gili [ 19/May/2010 ]

As much as I love JIRA, FogBugz's Evidence-Based Scheduling is light years ahead when it comes to scheduling. I already purchased a JIRA and Confluence license. I am actively looking to purchase an add-on to help me with scheduling, but not without this feature.

Comment by Josef Karthauser [ 26/Jul/2010 ]

I also desire this functionality. We recently moved to Jira/greenhopper from fogbugz, for a number of reasons but mainly the functionality that greenhopper provides for agile development. However, without evidence based scheduling I have absolutely no idea how to make reliable predictions on delivery dates with jira.

Comment by Peter Mounce [ 24/Nov/2010 ]

For the love of all that is holy, I would kill for EBS in JIRA or via some plugin. Our team (about 20-strong) would benefit hugely. I've used it in FogBugz, and it was eeriely amazing at how easy it was to then push back to the business on scope-creep or incomplete/inaccurate requirements. It was literally a killer feature.

Comment by Ask Bjørn Hansen [ 08/Feb/2011 ]

This would be a big deal to us as well.

Comment by Andrew Webster [ 17/Mar/2011 ]

+10 This would be a hugely useful feature. We have a situation where team vary across projects all the time, so being able to handle velocity and estimation with any mix of people would be a huge benefit for us.

Comment by Greg Reynolds [ 21/Nov/2011 ]

This is still a significant problem with JIRA. I absolutely need a way to manage and plan product releases, to view the release burndown. On a related note there needs to be a better way to view the roll up of User Stories under Epics, and Epics under Epics. Having to drill down into a ticket to see associated stories is not enough. I need story points to rollup, and an ability to view the parent-child relationships in a tree like view.

Comment by Gerald Lim [ 13/Dec/2011 ]

My company would love to see this as well. It would help tremendously.

Comment by Agile Velocity Expert Account [ 25/May/2012 ]

I think anything that requires team members to acurrately track their time will end up being flawed. It is very tough to get accurate. Many advanced Scrum Coaches are even dropping the hours estimating all together. Joel's first step is the most valid. Break it down. I am mostly a fan of doing this with smaller stories. Then task in Sprint planning, but if I have small pointed stories then I dont really need all the hours tracking stuff. It gets in the way. EBS with story points and small stories then yes, but not at an hours level would be my recommendation.

Comment by Adam Gentry [ 23/May/2013 ]

I am very interested in this feature, which is not closed, yet a "duplicate" issue of GHS-1656 exists and is closed. Can you tell me if this GHS-1656 comes close to the features of fogbugz as listed bellow:

Evidence-Based Scheduling works by doing a Monte Carlo simulation, taking into account evidence such as:

Each developer’s track record—as they become better estimators, they’ll generate a narrower range of possible completion dates
Estimates for all uncompleted tasks
The developer’s schedule (including holidays, vacations, etc.)
Project dependencies (e.g. "we can't start task A until task B is done" or "we can't start task C until the new servers arrive.")
Other projects/tasks that sap away developers' time

Comment by Gili [ 23/May/2013 ]

Adam, yes. Evidence-based scheduling should cover your requirements.

Comment by Marek Vsechovsky [ 24/May/2013 ]

I'm bit confused here. Is this feature part of the new Jira or not then? I did a few quick searches and there seems to be a plugin. Does that only work with JIRA 6? Will there possibly be any videos done on that? I'd love to see how that works and if it is worth spending the time to installing or upgrading if necessary.

Comment by Glen Coates [ 05/Oct/2013 ]

+1 would love to see this in GreenHopper.

Comment by Nicholas Muldoon [ 18/Nov/2013 ]

One story that would help alleviate this pain in the short term is GHS-7988.

Comment by yazan jaber [ 15/Dec/2013 ]

+1 This is a great feature.

Comment by Nicholas Muldoon [ 04/Aug/2015 ]

Hi folks,

Thought some of you may be interested in this video that explores quantitative methods and monte carlo simulations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4fHGTsZZD8

Cheers, have a great week,
Nicholas Muldoon

Comment by jtn [ 17/Sep/2015 ]

i think this would be a real differentiator for Jira Agile and would attract customers. i believe alot of the kanban tools will implement this in near future. i hope we can see this in jira agile!

Comment by Remigiusz Samborski [ 29/Aug/2017 ]

+1 on this feature. Any news about it? Last comment is 2y old

Comment by Григорій Гавалешко [ 29/Aug/2017 ]


Comment by Marc Moroz [ 13/Apr/2018 ]

Jira is great when management isn't interested in having a high degree of confidence that the team will deliver a set of functionality on a given date.  However, there are many projects and programs where we have a business reason and IT mandate for delivering set scope by a set date and we need more predictive capability than is currently available in JIRA.  EBS would be game changing - it's what keeps FogBugz on the radar as a likely alternative in the event we miss one-too-many dates without enough notification or preemptive action.

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