[HCPUB-357] [Hipchat - Linux4] Add option to allow minimizing (closing) to tray Created: 17/Mar/2016  Updated: 27/Jul/2018

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blocks HCPUB-288 Closing the window, quits Hipchat4 Done
duplicates HCPUB-426 Application quits upon closing window Done
duplicates HCPUB-338 HipChat4 does not minimize to the tra... Done
relates to HCPUB-338 HipChat4 does not minimize to the tra... Done
is related to STRIDE-121 Minimize to tray To be reviewed
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Platform: Linux client


Love the new linux app, but it is inconvenient for me because it doesn't minimize to tray. I was informed this was expected behavior here: https://support.atlassian.com/servicedesk/customer/portal/32/HCP-8268.

The old app/client minimized to system tray, all other apps for chat Skype/Pidgin/Slack/Empathy all minimize to system tray. I would really like this feature to be added as an option if this is not default behavior because having it not minimize to system tray is very inconvenient. On Windows 10, the client also minimizes to system tray, so it seems like this is normal behavior.

Video of problem: https://vid.me/17m7

Doesn't work on
Ubuntu 15.10
Ubuntu 16.04
Ubuntu Gnome 15.10
Ubuntu Gnome 16.04
Xubuntu 15.10
Xubuntu 16.04
Linux Mint 17 MATE
Linux Mint 17.3
and on some other distro's listed in the comments (not tested by me)

Work Around
Work around that atleast makes HipChat usable:
Use http://meetfranz.com/

1. Minimizes/closes to tray!
2. Just uses the regular notifications/popups via lib-notify instead of the new HipChat ones

Comment by Adrian Czerniak [ 22/Mar/2016 ]

I agree that it should be possible to minimize application to tray. In my opinion clicking hipchat's icon should minimize/restore application window. Currently tray icon is useless and it only wastes space on task bar.

Comment by Michał Ciania [ 22/Mar/2016 ]

One of the most annoying bugs you can see with this early Hipchat 4 version. Please correct is ASAP - the application is hard to use without this feature.

Comment by Edmund Craske [ 30/Mar/2016 ]

Related to this, the old behaviour of the system tray icon was that you could click it once and it would restore the window, and you could click it again, and it would return the window to the tray. Now you can only close the window to effectively 'minimise to tray' and where you have multiple displays, if you click on the system tray icon to restore it, it opens on the display that your task bar is on, rather than the location that the window was in before it was closed. This is a fairly obvious regression from the old client.

Comment by Eduardo Otte Hulse [ 30/Mar/2016 ]

See also HCPUB-338 for related system tray behaviour.

I have also reported this annoying behaviour. Hipchat support also told me this is how HipChat4 was suppose to behave. However, as you can see in a comment of HCPUB-338, on Linux Mint 17 HipChat4 minimizes to the system tray.

Matthews, Adrian and Michal, what are the Linux flavours you are using. So far I have seen the problem for Ubuntu 15.10 and 14.04.

Comment by Matt Muschol [ 20/Apr/2016 ]

For us, on Windows 10 and Linux Mint, HipChat4 minimises to tray when the main window is closed. On Ubuntu 15.10, when the main window is closed, the application closes. Can we provide an option or change the default behaviour on Ubuntu to minimise to tray please? As it stands I am tempted to roll back to old client.

Comment by Tomasz Majbaum [ 20/Apr/2016 ]

@Eduardo, @Matt

On Linux Mint 17 problem exists as well. In system settings you can turn off indicators support to get hipchat working properly (check out this: https://www.linuxmint.com/rel_rosa_cinnamon_whatsnew.php), and I did so, but it definitely shouldn't be the way to go.

Comment by Rob Pointer [ 20/Apr/2016 ]

Interestingly I run Ubuntu 15.10 with the mint GDM and the app close button minimises to tray rather than closes so obviously depends on the GDM you use

Comment by Stephan Schenk [ 21/Apr/2016 ]

A good moment to tell you that I'm on Mint 17 MATE
I just downgraded to 4.0.1632 (had to purge, otherwise got connection error) and the notification is fine again.

Comment by Caspar Wrede [ 03/May/2016 ]

Minimize to tray doesn't work on Ubuntu 16.04.

Comment by Tomasz Majbaum [ 03/May/2016 ]

@Matthew, at some point I was able to overcome problem with turning off indicators, but know (I suppose there was some update) this doesn't help as well so you can add Linux Mint 17.3 to the list as well.

Comment by Ryan Clancy [ 05/May/2016 ]

I'm seeing this behavior on Ubuntu 14.04 as well using version 4.0.1634 - very important for use at work.

Comment by Tadeáš Palusga [ 10/May/2016 ]

"A software bug is an error, flaw, failure or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways."

I think that although it was intended as a feature, when so many people agree that this is inconvenient behavior, it should be taken as a bug and fixed ASAP.

+1 vote for me

Comment by Ryan Clancy [ 13/May/2016 ]


Could we get some input from someone at Atlassian on this issue? Having the status bar icon disappear when the program is closed completely removes it's usefulness.

Comment by Chris Rodwell [ 16/May/2016 ]

+1, this is garbage for an IM app. needs to be out of the way in the notification area until I get a message.

Comment by Matt Muschol [ 17/May/2016 ]

@atlassian Could we have some feedback on this suggestion please? Even if the answer is "no", then at least I know that I can stop watching this request.

Comment by Tadeáš Palusga [ 18/May/2016 ]

Today it is more than 2 months since this JIRA has been created. I think it should not be so hard to add "Hide to tray instead of close" select box in settings and once this is selected then revert old behavior back.

@atlassian, please give us some feedback (at least "yes/no/wait another two months for some resolution..."), this new "feature" is really driving us crazy and for some of us it is real blocker especially when you are forced to use it in the company.

Comment by Tomasz Majbaum [ 18/May/2016 ]

I had to revert to 2.2.1400. Compared to current version It's somewhat crappy, but at least it's not closing itself all the time.

Comment by Ryan Clancy [ 18/May/2016 ]

+1 - I'll be reverting to an old version or using an Electron wrapper around the web version until this gets fixed.

Comment by Karl Fischer [ 23/May/2016 ]

+1 also effected by this bug, I logged it here https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/HCPUB-288
It's regression.

Comment by Tadeáš Palusga [ 31/May/2016 ]

Can Anyone from @Atlassian give us some response, please? I had to revert to HC2 too

Comment by Chris Fiel [ 04/Jun/2016 ]

same here

Comment by Tony Davenport [ 08/Jun/2016 ]

Hi everyone,

Thanks for voting and commenting on this issue. Your feedback is key to helping us understand how you use HipChat so we can continue improving your experience. We have reviewed this issue and wanted to provide an update.

Adding back the ability to minimize to tray is currently on our backlog.
We will continue to update this and the other top voted issues here in our public issues tracker, so please watch this issue and you'll be notified about future updates.

Please remember that your suggestions on jira.atlassian.com are one of many inputs for the HipChat roadmap. You can learn more about our process here.
We thank you for your feedback, and will continue to listen to you and all our customers to better understand your needs.

The HipChat Team

Comment by Christian Frommeyer [ 21/Jun/2016 ]

Thanks for the update. Really appreciate that this will be worked on.

Comment by Benjamin Fenner [ 21/Jun/2016 ]

I was directed here from a duplicate ticket which had many comments about the close action (not the minimize action).
Coming from that discussion, and referencing specific comments here, it seems like this issue is not named properly?
It looks as if many people actually want "close to system tray", correct?

Maybe we should all comment on these two questions:
What is the desired behavior for the minimize action?
What is the desired behavior for the close action?

Personally I'd like to see the option of enabling the system tray if so desired (make it optional, I don't want it nor need it).
Then have the minimize action configurable where the application will minimize to the task bar only, or minimize to the system tray only (if the system tray is turned on, so nothing shows in the task bar).
I would maintain that the close action always closes the application if the last window is closed.

However it looks as if many other people would also like the option to close to the system tray too?
I presume making both actions (minimize and close) configurable would be the way to go (even though I'd argue closing to the system tray is obnoxious, non-standard behavior that no application should do). And again, the system tray itself should also be optional, no?

Then of course there are the defaults. That's where things can get sticky...

Comment by Chris Rodwell [ 21/Jun/2016 ]

IMHO it's best to make it like almost every Windows IM app since ICQ. Minimise to taskbar/Close to the tray, and if you want to get out completely you right click the tray icon and select quit.

Comment by Tadeáš Palusga [ 21/Jun/2016 ]

I partially agree with Chris Rodwell - he is right that minimizing to tray instead of closing is standard behavior since early IM clients and not only on Windows platforms.
But Chris, there is one single argument which should be considered: not all Linux window managers are tray-based, so from this reason I think that is is correct to keep "close" action as default behavior and "minimize to tray" action as configurable alternative.

Please don't reinvent the wheel - there isn't any reason for it - just one small checkbox in config.

Comment by Chris Rodwell [ 21/Jun/2016 ]

Yes fair enough, making it configurable would be even better

Comment by Amir Eldor [ 21/Jun/2016 ]

Configurable is the way. But as I mentioned on a dupliate of this issue (which I first found and commented on) is that the behavior of the hexchat IRC client is really good IMGO.

When you first hit the X button on hexchat it asks you what you want to do, minimize to tray, quit, cancel, and adds a checkbox to remember choice in future. This choice would be changable in the configuration as suggested above. On a second thought, this might be annoying to some users, but I suggest it either way.

Comment by Christian Frommeyer [ 21/Jun/2016 ]

I like the idea of having this configurable. This way everyone can have his/her preferred behavior. Mine would be close to tray and an option on the tray icon to close the application.
I also want to comment on the argument that there are Linux distros without tray: Yes there probably are. But very certain this is the exception. There are also Linux systems without X but I don't here s.o. calling for making it text only. In general one of the great things about Linux is the flexibility. On the other hand this means if full flexibility is not an option than exotic configuration should be the ones to be ignored rather than main stream.

Comment by Сергей Гончаренко [ 22/Jun/2016 ]

Hipchat currently cannot be hidden from the taskbar, that's very annoying.
The expected behaviour is to "close the window and leave the tray icon", just like all other messengers are behaving.
You can make it configurable, but I think it doesn't worth an option.

Comment by marc.ewert746753565 [ 01/Jul/2016 ]

Currently I'm not using the HipChat client, because of this missing feature. I'm only starting it, if some colleague asks me to do so. This is very annoying.

Comment by Jan Tajovský [ 28/Jul/2016 ]

Any update on this?

Comment by Johnny Reveco [ 03/Aug/2016 ]

This is also happening for OpenSuSE Leap 4.1, using HipChat4-4.0.1641

Comment by Thomas Lauria [ 05/Aug/2016 ]

Same under Arch Linux with KDE

Comment by Tadeáš Palusga [ 05/Aug/2016 ]

Still nothing? Any update. It's nearly half an year this issue has been created. Hipchat4 is still unusable.

Comment by Karl Fischer [ 05/Aug/2016 ]

A new feature, in Franz enables it try it, switching to that app until it's resolved

Comment by Michał Ciania [ 05/Aug/2016 ]

So few months ago I swithed to http://meetfranz.com/ and now (when they added working tray support) I see no reason to go back to Hipchat app.

Comment by Karl Fischer [ 19/Aug/2016 ]

updated to hipchat4=
Ubuntu 16.04.1
Bug still present

Comment by Matt Muschol [ 19/Aug/2016 ]

+1 for Franz

Comment by Thomas Lauria [ 19/Aug/2016 ]

+1 for Franz

Comment by Man Math [ 23/Aug/2016 ]

updated to hipchat4 = 4.0.1641
Ubuntu 14.04
Bug still present.

Comment by Chris Fiel [ 23/Aug/2016 ]

bug still present

Comment by Karl Fischer [ 09/Sep/2016 ]

Running version
Bug still present.

Comment by Karl Fischer [ 15/Sep/2016 ]

Found a work around using CCSM in Unity


Comment by Vladimir Omelchenko [cPrime] [ 15/Sep/2016 ]

Does anyone found a workaround for gnome-shell though?

Comment by kenny2053779944 [ 15/Sep/2016 ]

I gave up mucking with this and am now successfully using Pidgin.. Does the job and nicely allows this to work alongside of other chat services (Google Hangouts, Skype, etc...).

Comment by Joseph Gledhill [ 15/Sep/2016 ]

I snagged a cached version 4.0 from my system, (in the form of a .deb file) and that's what I have been using for the past several months.

Comment by Vladimir Omelchenko [cPrime] [ 15/Sep/2016 ]

@Kenny Schiff Would be really nice if you can provide the workaround guide with pidgin you used to setup. I am having issues with Rooms joining there My workaround is to stick with Hipchat 2.2.1400

Comment by kenny2053779944 [ 15/Sep/2016 ]

Am using Pidgin 2.10.9

Regarding the rooms, they work for me.. I used this documentation


I don't think I did anything special.. I was confused about this at first...

Comment by Richard C [ 15/Oct/2016 ]

This is so frustrating. I am missing mentions because of accidental closures, and I can't stand having the application stuck in my alt-tab cycle list. What lazy turd decided to not re-implement this common application feature in the new version, or at least make it a non-default option for whatever weird edge case DESKTOP OS that doesn't have some kind of ashtray like background notification system ?
I would rather not have to use work arounds or other readers.

Just another 'Con' on the Hipchat column.

Comment by Piotr Stachowicz [ 20/Oct/2016 ]

Hi Guys - same here. We had the whole Development department downgrade to the old client because of this. It was just causing too much inconvenience. The new client is otherwise much better so please make the change (or allow to control the behavior) so that we can come back to it.

Comment by Mikołaj Bieńkowski [ 25/Oct/2016 ]

+1 this is so annoying...

Comment by Pieter Masereeuw [ 27/Oct/2016 ]

Same here - irritation creeps up every hour. Please fix this.

Comment by Chris Read [ 27/Oct/2016 ]

+1 here, very annoying.

Comment by Karl Fischer [ 29/Oct/2016 ]

Version :
OS : Ubuntu 16.04.1 64 Bit 

Bug still around

Comment by Chris Rodwell [ 31/Oct/2016 ]

I sent a support request, looks like this fundamental feature is a low priority:

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this frustration using HipChat, and thank you for raising this up to us.
I checked the suggestion ticket that you have linked, and I see that you have already Voted and are currently Watching the request. At this point, I'm afraid that there really isn't much that we can do in regards to the feature request.
This is because our development team have their own workflow and roadmap on how they implement/fix things, in accordance to our Implementation of New Features Policy.
Please continue keeping an eye on the feature request, and encourage your fellow users to vote and watch the feature, as the more votes there are for the issue, the sooner the feature will be placed in the roadmap.
I'm sorry I could not help out more for you here. If there is anything else that I can do to help, please do not hesitate to ask.
Comment by Mike Croft [ 31/Oct/2016 ]

the more votes there are for the issue, the sooner the feature will be placed in the roadmap

What a joke. It's the 4th highest request when sorted by votes.

Comment by Benjamin Fenner [ 31/Oct/2016 ]

Not to get technical about this or anything, but I feel I owe it to the HCPUB-302 folks to mention that HCPUB-302 is currently the highest voted ticket BY FAR. It's only 10th on the list right now because the previous 1,287 votes it got were wiped out and those folks were promised the previous 1,287 votes would still be taken into account.

So the option to close to tray is actually the 5th highest request right now. And if HCPUB-302 is anything to go by, even thousands of votes are meaningless around here. =/


Comment by Karl Fischer [ 31/Oct/2016 ]


Its not a new feature .... its a regression ... this "feature" was in HipChat 2.2.1400

Comment by Jon McInerney [ 04/Nov/2016 ]

Just wanted to comment that this is incredibly frustrating. I just upgraded from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04. I do not want have to alt-tab through HipChat if I do not have a window currently open.

+1 to Karl for finding a Unity workaround

Comment by Ionut Comsa [ 08/Nov/2016 ]

This should not be treated as a suggestion, this is a BUG and should be taken care of fast.


Comment by Ryszard Narkiewicz [ 08/Nov/2016 ]

I'ts not a bug, it's just missing a "must-have" feature.

Comment by Mikołaj Bieńkowski [ 08/Nov/2016 ]

I believe this is a bug, it was working properly prior

Comment by Ryszard Narkiewicz [ 08/Nov/2016 ]

I've just downgraded HC 4 to the lowest version in repository and I confirm what Mikołaj pointed out - it works on older versions. So yeah - it's a bug (or a removed feature).

Fix it!

Comment by Daniel Skoczny [ 08/Nov/2016 ]

must have! please fix.

Comment by Tomek Kaczmarczyk [ 08/Nov/2016 ]

+1 please fix

Comment by Kamil Gajdziński [ 08/Nov/2016 ]

+1 this is very annoying

Comment by Сергей Гончаренко [ 08/Nov/2016 ]

The worst is that HipChat quits without any confirmation, so it's extremely easy to quit accidentally.

Comment by Stanko Metodiev [ 14/Nov/2016 ]

I've just installed the latest version on Ubuntu 16.04 with Gnome Flashback I and the problem appears on my end too. It's super annoying and this issue was the main reason why I haven't updated HipChat for a few months.

Unfortunately, Karl Fischer's suggestions didn't help here too.

I'm not sure why the folks from Atlassian are repeating "feature", when this is a clear regression...

Comment by Karl Fischer [ 14/Nov/2016 ]

Hi @Metodiew

what seems to be the issue? Maybe we can make another plan?

Comment by Merlin Bussard [ 18/Nov/2016 ]

+1 ! Please fix.

Comment by Pavel Lautsevich [ 21/Nov/2016 ]


Comment by Karl Fischer [ 07/Dec/2016 ]

Version :
Linux : Ubuntu 16.04.1 

Regression still present

Comment by Jan Tajovský [ 07/Dec/2016 ]

Fix it, please!

Comment by Thomas Winteler [ 07/Dec/2016 ]

+1 for a fix

Comment by Zoltan Keresztes [ 07/Dec/2016 ]

Please, fix this...

Comment by Peter Mendham [ 09/Dec/2016 ]

Please fix this, the system tray icon is currently a bit of a lie as without this feature there is no proper tray integration.

Comment by Stanko Metodiev [ 09/Dec/2016 ]

Hey Karl Fischer, sorry for the late response (not sure if there is an option for reply, tough).

I've tried one more time and following your suggestion, now I'm not able to close the HipChat, so this sort of fix/hack works for now. Yeah, I have HipChat open all the time, but at least I'm able to communicate with the team, without closing the chat by mistake

Comment by Ryszard Narkiewicz [ 10/Dec/2016 ]

For those who struggle with this bug and haven't read the older comments - it's mentioned, that there's a workaround. Just donwgrade to version 4.0.1632 and it should work and should be enough for basic communication, unless you're concerned about security updates in later versions.

Comment by Paul Ridgway [ 06/Jan/2017 ]

This is terrible - we've paid 5x more for slack just to have a decent linux client. FYI RocketChat is a free alternative!

Comment by Xavier Corredor Llano [ 19/Jan/2017 ]

+1 this is really need for desktop client!

Comment by Richard C [ 19/Jan/2017 ]

I used the 'block close' mentioned about mid thread, as the only solution (at least I didn't keep closing Hipchat).   'Used' as in no longer needed, our whole team moved over to Slack.  Working client, and now I get the rich text formatting that I have always been missing as well.   Now I get to remove myself from the notification of this bug in hopes that it would one day be fixed.. HipChat came to Atlassian to die..

Comment by Christian Frommeyer [ 07/Feb/2017 ]

Removing myself from the watchers list as we're moving to Slack. Finally close to tray again :sigh:

Comment by Becky Lewis [ 09/Feb/2017 ]

This is a problem for us as well. IM clients that are unable to get out of the way are not very useful (I'm not sitting and watching IM all day, I'm working) so this sort of bug (and really, if it's supposed to be a feature it should be consistant over all platforms, which it is not) is going to be a deal breaker. We've ditched slack as the desktop client is a PITA, I'd prefer not to have to ditch HipChat for the same reason.

Comment by Ariel Arjona [ 10/Feb/2017 ]

Please fix this bug. It has made using the linux client basically a huge pain, because it goes against the behavior of every IM client since ICQ including HipChat itself for the other platforms!

Comment by Levente Farkas [ 14/Feb/2017 ]

someone from hipchat!? would you comment this issue? any plan or estimate to fix this?

IMHO this changes do not improve but rather mess up the user experience for most of the linux users (and as most linux users has system tray). What's more closing to system tray doesn't mean you have to close to the system tray if there is not any tray! It means (as all other messaging apps do) closing the chat window with "X" do NOT close the application just quit the window and the app itself still running. and in case there is a system tray than it's still "viewable" on the system tray. currently the biggest problem is that most user ACCIDENTALLY exit from the app since he assume just close the window. and that;s a big problem!

Comment by Damien Jade Duff [ 06/Mar/2017 ]

Workaround for KDE (5.5) using kwin. Click on the top left corner of the window:

 --> Menu item: More Actions...

 --> Menu item: Special Application Settings...

 --> Tab: Arrangement & Access...

 --> Set "Skip taskbar" to "Force" "Yes".

Also recommended:

 –> Tab: Appearance & Fixes...

 --> Set "Closeable" to "Force" "No".

Now the minimise widget sends to system tray (since HipChat already has a system tray icon) not the taskbar and the close widget does not work (application must be closed from system tray).


Comment by Tadeáš Palusga [ 06/Mar/2017 ]

As this issue is still not resolved after > 1 year, moving out from watchers and moving to different communication platform. Bye HipChat

Comment by Merlin Bussard [ 06/Mar/2017 ]

We are planning to move elsewhere, too, because HipChat has to many problems.

Comment by Сергей Гончаренко [ 06/Mar/2017 ]

Using HipChat via Rambox (as well as Franz) enabled minimizing it to tray.

Anyway, still having this bug is absolutely unacceptable for Atlassian.

Comment by Maksim Baev [ 12/May/2017 ]

Guys! What's this design? ) All Linux chats have equal behavior except HipChat. How many tasks with entreaties about the ability do you have..?

My first action after installing and logging, click to "close" button. I supposed that the app will minimized to tray. Boom!!! Where the icon?
I try ro find the icon.. It's not that, it's not that. Something went wrong. I reopened HipChat. Close again, but for now I watched for the icon in tray)))
What I saw? The icon is gone... Yeah, just gone..
It's bad, guys. I want to see the icon in my tray!

I want to see this when window of the app is closed.

You want to close the app? Ok, just give me setting that I will to use for select behavior!
Atlassian is not Microsoft, but ability to make my choice will better.

For now I can't work properly...

Comment by Maksim Baev [ 12/May/2017 ]

Temporary I will to use KDocker for hiding the app to tray.
For everyone: KDocker it's like AllTray, but last isn't works with HipChat.

Comment by Jon [ 28/Jun/2017 ]

Don't know if this is useful to anyone else. I'm using devilspie2 to remove the window decorations completely from the HipChat window: 

-- ~/.config/devilspie2/hipchat.lua
if (get_window_name()=="HipChat" or get_application_name()=="HipChat") then 

This means that obviously I need to use keyboard shortcuts to do things like move and minimise the HipChat window (On my desktop this is Alt+mouse click/drag and Alt+F9 respectively) - but this is certainly preferable to accidentally closing the application all the time.

Comment by Jan Tajovský [ 16/Aug/2017 ]

Any update on this?


Comment by Zoltan Keresztes [ 16/Aug/2017 ]

I guess no, but finally we moved to slack so I could uninstall HipChat

Comment by Mikołaj Bieńkowski [ 16/Aug/2017 ]

I confirm that moving to Slack also fixed the issue for us

Comment by Paul Ridgway [ 16/Aug/2017 ]

Likewise, we chose to pay more for slack to address this issue

Comment by Levente Farkas [ 16/Aug/2017 ]

we moved to hangout

Comment by Jānis Elmeris [ 27/Oct/2017 ]

> Work around that atleast makes HipChat usable: Use http://meetfranz.com/

Unfortunately, no Linux version available.

Comment by vlatkoB [ 27/Oct/2017 ]

It is available. Install it with your package manager.

Comment by Jānis Elmeris [ 27/Oct/2017 ]

Doesn't seem like "franz" is in the repositories of my package manager (Linux Mint / Ubuntu).

Comment by Tomasz Majbaum [ 27/Oct/2017 ]

It's not, just download "legacy" version, 4.0.4 works fine anyway.

Comment by Karl Fischer [ 08/Nov/2017 ]

Just a Headsup, tested Stride (1.5.18-1) and all is good.

Comment by Bruce Momjian [ 21/Nov/2017 ]

This is still a problem in Stride client 1.6.20 in Ubuntu 16.04.  The best hack solution is to use Compiz as shown in the screenshot above, but under Window Rules set:

    Skip taskbar, name = stride
    Non-closable windows, name = stride

This prevents it appearing in the task bar and from being closed.  WRONG, SEE BELOW.

Comment by Bruce Momjian [ 22/Nov/2017 ]

Uh, I need to correct the instructions above because they will make the "Stride Meeting" window also not appear in the task bar and not be closeable.   The correct Compiz settings are:

   Skip taskbar, title=^Stride$
   Non-closable windows, title=^Stride$

Comment by Eduardo Otte Hulse [ 21/Jan/2018 ]

Yeah, our company  is also moving to slack, good luck for you guys.

Comment by Christoph Stähli [ 24/Feb/2018 ]

will this ever be fixed? close to tray would be very helpful and much needed, otherwise HipChat is working very well and is brilliant. btw the issue is also with the 'stride' client.

Comment by Animal Logic [ 06/Mar/2018 ]

So Atlassian is saying is that the linux developers removed functionality (it used to work in version 2) because it was too hard to implement... even though there are open source projects that do the exact same thing...... and it is so hard that it can't be solved for two years.... all the while it is the most voted for open issue, clients with thousands of paid for linux endpoints and valid support cases.  

Comment by Karl Fischer [ 09/Jul/2018 ]

Saying Goodbye!

Thanks for all the fish. 

We switched to Slack.

On a side note, you guys have been awesome, it's a shame that we care more for a vendor's product than they do.

@kmf on Twitter

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