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I am using 2.2.8

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NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

We have a lot of spaces. Each site has its own material and we'd like the advanced search feature to be able to search within specific spaces, as opposed to all spaces.

Comment by Nata [ 26/Nov/2008 ]

We would like to have an options for spaces to include/exclude the space from search. Admins can define which spaces will be searched by default.

Comment by Jeff M [ 17/Sep/2009 ]

Related to this, when setting up templates/using third party ThemeBuilder, it would be very useful to be able to specify @self as the space such that it would search the current space.

Comment by Rolf Kristensen [ 07/Jan/2010 ]

Most of it is solved using "Favorite Spaces", but I would like to mark "Favorite Spaces" as the default spaces to search. Instead of making a search, and then change to "Favorite Spaces".

Comment by Subhash Mathur [ 05/Mar/2010 ]

We have similar needs, and wonder if Search indexing can use Space Labels. That would enable spaces to be categorized into logical sets and then search could be enhanced to allow users to focus the search in spaces of a category (filtered by space label).
Can Atlassian please look into enhancing the Lucene indexing base on this suggestion

Comment by TC Yu [ 19/Oct/2010 ]

Could the source of this be exposed so that we could try to enhance it ourselves instead of waiting for the votes to grow and then go through the lengthy selection process?

Comment by Greg Miller [ 03/May/2012 ]

As a workaround - you can try something like this to search specific spaces:

http://your.site.com/dosearchsite.action?queryString=foobar AND (spacekey:spacekey1 OR spacekey:spacekey2)

Comment by Dixita Patel [ 25/Jul/2012 ]

I'm a user of Confluence and would like to see the search box macro allow users to search multiple spaces (not just one or all spaces in the wiki). Otherwise, there should be a feature that allows the search of spaces with a specific label or in a specific category.

As for the work-around mentioned, how can I implement this in Confluence?

Comment by Trevor Hunt [Pinterest] [ 15/Jul/2013 ]

It would be nice to be able to search liked content... i.e. all content liked by a specific user, all liked content within a specific space, etc. This would help identify content others are using and finding useful/helpful.

Comment by Bruce Schlueter [ 14/Mar/2014 ]

We would like to have this issue also solved. We are looking for a way to just search in one space via URL

Comment by Maria Bolshakova [ 26/Mar/2014 ]

For us it'd be perfect solution.

Comment by Joe Bloggs [ 18/Jun/2014 ]

This is still much needed in enterprise settings and something we sorely miss.

Comment by Paula Dasch [ 03/Sep/2014 ]

voted. This is still neeeded in Version 5.4.4.
We have an enterprise setting and plan to introduce controlled archiving of outdated pages. Therefore we will have a lot of spaces with status archived. In the new search surface you have indeed the possibility to include the archived spaces into the search, but e.g. you cannot search over all archived spaces exclusively. You even cannot choose every space but only those spaces you used frequently lately.
We would need a possibiliy to search over a list of spaces, not only one certain space at a time.

Comment by Debbie Ryan [ 23/Nov/2014 ]

The LiveSearch macro needs to be ale to search multiple spaces please. This request was added 8 long years ago!!

Comment by Ramsay Mayka [ 30/Apr/2015 ]

As others have suggested, I would really like to be able to make the default search be within my favourite spaces (this could be set at the profile level)

I would also like to second the suggestion that the user be able to select spaces using the space categories

Comment by Peter Cselotei [ 12/May/2015 ]

Wait for this

Comment by Ricardo Zuasti [ 30/Jun/2015 ]

We also need this

Comment by Shravan Majithia [ 16/Jul/2015 ]

This is going to help us immensely. The search function basically is forcing us to move to a diff system (mindtouch) and I don't want to do that.

Comment by Tom Laermans [ 04/Aug/2015 ]

We are looking for this functionality - kind of assuming it was already there as it seems this is quite a basic feature for a search macro.

Comment by Carter Snowden [ 18/Aug/2015 ]

Plus 1 here. We find that in many cases it's useful and easier for our users to manage multiple related spaces than it is to, say, shoehorn a set of related working groups into a single space, split up via page-level permissioning, which can quickly get hairy to manage. That makes it important that search be configurable such that a single search can be run across – and only across – a defined set of spaces.

Comment by Tom Laermans [ 18/Aug/2015 ]

This request is nearing its 9th birthday and is unassigned so I wouldn't get my hopes up, unfortunately. :-/

Comment by Carter Snowden [ 18/Aug/2015 ]

Yeah. I'm coming to dislike the whole concept of feature voting in this kind of context. Too often a marketing subterfuge and an excuse for not doing the common sense / right thing for the core product.

Comment by Darryl Duke [ 18/Aug/2015 ]

While this isn't a solution within Confluence, you might want to check out our new Targeted Search add-on for Confluence, which you can configure to search spaces or space categories, as well as use hierarchies of labels to provide a search experience much like shopping on Zappos or Amazon.

Apologies for the product pitch here, but perhaps it will help.

Comment by Natalie S. [ 03/Sep/2015 ]

Hi Darryl. That looks like potentially a great fit for us. I have sent in a request on the website to try the beta version. Thanks!

Comment by Sherif Mansour [ 18/Nov/2015 ]

Hi All,
Thank you for your patience with this issue. We are pleased to announce that ability to filter search results for multiple spaces is coming shortly to Confluence 5.9 (due in a few weeks) and is already shipped in Confluence Cloud.

Comment by Natalie S. [ 18/Nov/2015 ]

Hi Sherif, is this just for the global search or the livesearch macro as well?

Comment by Sherif Mansour [ 01/Dec/2015 ]

Hey Natalie S. this is global search.

Comment by Thomas Krause [ 01/Apr/2016 ]

I think the livesearch macro would be a good candidate to upgrade it with some CQL magic the same way the content-by-label and content-by-user macros already were changed.

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