[CONFSERVER-31741] Excel Macro Last Row, and Column is Not Working Created: 25/Nov/2013  Updated: 11/Oct/2018  Resolved: 26/Feb/2015

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Affects Version/s: 5.1.4, 5.1.5, 5.2.3, 5.3.1, 5.3.4, 5.4.4, 5.5, 5.5.2, 5.8.18
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Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Attach excel file into Confluence page
  2. Use viewexcel file macro to display the attached excel file
  3. Configure viewexcel to display only one row and column
    1. Input "1" into the "Last Row" field
    2. Input "1" into the "Last Column" field
  4. Save the page

Expected Results:

Confluence should display only one row and column as configured by putting "1" into "Last Row" and "Last Column" fields

Actual Results:

Confluence still render the whole excel file, ignoring the configured value

Comment by Alan Stephenson [ 27/Nov/2013 ]

I have a similar issue. I create a 3 x 2 table and it leaves off the third row. I am currently on 5.2.3.

Comment by Niels Jaeckel [ 29/Jan/2014 ]

Confluence 5.1.5 is affected as well.

Comment by Laszlo Kremer [ 11/Mar/2014 ]

Actually it ignores the changes to the lastrow/lastcolumn values.

If you create a new page, attach a new excel, insert the macro and add values to lastrow/lastcolumn while inserting the macro, it will show the correct rows, columns. If you want to change the values after that, nothing will happen, it will display the initial rows/columns.

Comment by Peter Kramp [catWorkX] [ 11/Mar/2014 ]

We work with Confluence 5.4.1 and the OfficeConnector 3.1.4 or (

You have only one shot: Attach the Excel Sheet to the page, configure the ExcelMacro (rows, colums, sheet) and save the page. That works fine. But ...

... you can't edit the columns, even when you delete the macro on the page. No way. You must delete the attachment, rename it and attach it again with a different name.

Comment by Dave Furlani [ 19/Mar/2014 ]

Using 5.3.1

I've noticed that this is especially noticeable (or perhaps a separate related bug) if you try and display the same Excel sheet more than once on a page. The 1st configuration is repeated each time throughout the page. E.g. If I set the first instance to display the 1st row (set to 0) then all subsequent attempts to display the Excel sheet on that page will only show the first row, regardless of how the macro is configured.

Essentially I'm seeing the behaviour as described by Peter Kramp above.

As this is the best way Confluence allows users to display complex table based information, I'm surprised it's listed as a minor issue. This will be very debilitating for many customers who reply on displaying Excel info on their Confluence pages.

Comment by Jonas Lindström [ 25/Mar/2014 ]

This is a major pain in the butt for us. We use an Excel spreadsheet to plan leave (we are a small company and Team Calendars would be too heavy for us).

Every time we would like to add a week or two of planning, we want to change how much of the Excel file is rendered... But can't. Not without removing the macro and the attachment, re-uploading the attachment under a different name, and re-adding the macro. So much manual work...

Comment by Kofi Friar [ 07/Jul/2014 ]

same issue. confluence 5.5.2

Comment by Emad Jacob Maroun [ 22/Jul/2014 ]

I have the same problem with version 5.1.4.

Have to delete the attachment, rename it, and upload it with the new name. Then create the macro on the first try.

Comment by dhockenberry [ 29/Jul/2014 ]

We have the same issue (ignores the changes to the lastrow/lastcolumn values) on 5.4.4. As noted above, the fix is to delete and recreate the page with the same info and Spreadsheet, but with the last row/column info different. This is a major issue, limiting how we can use Confluence, and if not resolved we will need to find other solutions for this.

Comment by Paula Dasch [ 29/Jul/2014 ]

voted. we are planning to use Confluence 5.4.4, too.

Comment by Yianis Boviatsis [ 08/Oct/2014 ]

Hi all,

I have found a solution without having to delete and recreate the page:

Use Firefox
Edit the wiki page with the embedded excel file
Edit the excel attachment
Set # of rows, columns as parameters (your number + 1 will be the number of columns/rows visible)
Save the wiki page
Click on "Edit Document" on the wiki page
Enable Editing (Excel)
Save (this is the most important part) and Close
Refresh the wiki page. You should be able to see only the rows/columns you've set in step 4.

We are using Confluence 5.5.6 but it may work for earlier versions as well. Pls let me know if this works for you.

Comment by Yianis Boviatsis [ 08/Oct/2014 ]

and another word of caution (this is for Confluence to fix ASAP as it is a security risk):

If you group a few rows or columns in Excel, and then password protect the file, you will be unable to see these rows/columns again unless you know the password.

However once you post the locked file in Confluence (i.e. using the scenario above, just by dragging an Excel file from the desktop and dropping inside an editing Wiki page), Confluence will show the entire contents of the spreadsheet, including the rows/columns that are password protected!

Says a lot about Microsoft really, and how dedicated they are to security

Comment by Natasha Prasad [Atlassian] [ 26/Feb/2015 ]

Thanks for the feedback here.

As part of Confluence 5.7, we've released a new file previewer; clicking a file that's been inserted into a page will load it in the new previewer. You can still access the old viewfile macros by going to the "+" menu and choosing "Other Macros" or by typing {excel}.

Any further improvements to do with embedding and previewing files will be made on top of the new previewer, rather than the old view file macro that this issue pertains to.

Natasha Prasad
Confluence Product Manager

Comment by Jacob Saaby Nielsen [ 07/Dec/2015 ]

Hi Natasha.

I'm seeing this problem on Confluence 5.8.10. The Office Excel macro simply ignores the Last Row argument when rendering the Excel spreadsheet to the page. Any official fix for this in the works?

Best regards
Jacob Saaby Nielsen

Comment by Jonas Soderstrom [ 07/Dec/2015 ]

Hi Jacob Saaby Nielsen

The Office Excel Macro has been deprecated as of Confluence 5.9 and hence the Confluence Team will not be looking into fixing this issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Comment by Trevor Hicks [ 04/Mar/2016 ]

I am confused WHY this is no longer supported. I saw some documentation on a preview macro, but how does that replace the function of displaying certain data from a specific sheet in excel? I can display a sheet but it displays a large number of rows, which makes it basically impossible for me to display more than one sheet on a page. If there was a way to put that macro inside another confluence macro that put a frame around it with a vertical scroll bar I might be ok, but I can't find such a macro. There may be ways to have a horizontal scroll bar but not vertical.

So : why isn't this being fixed?
What upcoming feature purports to replace the functionality?
Is there a workaround for the large-number-of-displayed-rows problem with another macro or confluence wizardry?

BTW I am on cloud....

Comment by Jonathan Greene [ 28/Jun/2018 ]

Users concerned about this critical bug in the View Excel macro may be interested in what I learned from Atlassian support recently. First they said the problem may have been "improved" by recent changes. However after questioning, they determined that the problem does remain in the latest release, Confluence Server 6.10. When asked about a roadmap for fixing it, they said: "There isn't a roadmap/ETA decided for the bug report or a plan to fix it in the next 12 months".

Does anyone have any ideas for a workaround? Are there any 3rd party add-ons that can help? Or failing that, does anyone know of alternatives to Confluence that support this functionality?

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