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Confluence doesn't currently support Java 7. We should extend our testing and support to this new version.

Comment by Matt Ryall [ 12/Oct/2011 ]

This is blocked by a Lucene problem that causes a JVM crash when Confluence is running: LUCENE-3335. This problem reliably crashes our most basic test suite every time.

We can't support Java 7 until this is resolved by either the Oracle Java developers or the Lucene team.

Comment by Mark Mielke [ 23/Oct/2011 ]

7u1 is out... does this resolve the crash?

Comment by Adrian Deccico [Atlassian] [ 23/Oct/2011 ]

7u1 is out... does this resolve the crash?

According to the release notes: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/7u1-relnotes-507962.html ir doesn't look like.

Comment by Mark Mielke [ 24/Oct/2011 ]

I'm having trouble unraveling how Oracle is managing updates - and I monitor their jdk7u updates mailing list. sigh

Here is an example of the "worst" 7.0.0 bug - the loop unrolling problem - that is also not in the release notes, but shows up as "fixed" in the actual Bug:


Given this confusion, I can understand why vendors would choose to stay off - but I do have an interest in the Java 7 feature set, and so I am interested in any progress Atlassian makes here...

Comment by Mark Mielke [ 24/Oct/2011 ]

Ok, I think it made it into this build:


Looks like odd numbered patches are the critical security patch updates, and even numbered are for everything else. Looks like we're waiting for JDK 7u2, which is due out sometime before end of year.

Comment by Matt Ryall [ 24/Oct/2011 ]

Thanks for the info, Mark. We did try a run with a pre-release developer build of _u2, but Confluence wouldn't even compile. I guess we'll wait for the final release, and hopefully for the resolution of LUCENE-3335 too.

Comment by Thorsten Heit [ 28/Oct/2011 ]

According to the release notes, some bugs concerning Lucene have been fixed:

JIT and Loop Bugs
Three bugs reported by various parties, including Apache Lucene developers, have been fixed in JDK 7 Update 1, in addition to a fourth related bug found by Oracle (7070134, 7068051, 7044738, 7077439).

Recently I saw a German blog entry that describes what you have to do to use Confluence 4 with JDK 7: http://everflux.de/confluence-4-mit-jdk-7-1901/

It's quite easy, and on my machine everything works fine tm:

Assuming you start Confluence via the shell scripts, i.e. bin/startup.sh, simply add the following to JAVA_OPTS in bin/setenv.sh:


Flush the OSGi plugin cache from $confluence-home/plugins-osgi-cache, then start Confluence, voilĂ . Works with Java 7

Comment by Matt Ryall [ 31/Oct/2011 ]

Thanks for the information, Thorsten. We'll endeavour to set up some testing for JDK 7u1 to verify the fix.

With your suggested workaround, do you mean in addition to running with Java 7u1? I can't see how the boot delegation is related to the Lucene problem, so perhaps it is another issue we haven't hit yet.

Comment by Mark Mielke [ 16/Nov/2011 ]

Just stumbled upon this as well:


Not to say that Confluence won't experience other problems - but it seems that the concerns raised by the Apache team have been address in 7u1.

Comment by Mark Mielke [ 15/Dec/2011 ]

Confluence 3.5.13 + Java 7u2... in a test environment (RHEL 5.5 / x86 / 32-bit) it comes up without any errors. Seems positive!

Comment by Sabine Schalch [ 26/Mar/2012 ]

I have been looking for information about Confluence and Java7 and came across this issue.
Oracle has announced the EOL of Java SE6 for November 2012. (https://blogs.oracle.com/java/entry/eoling_java_se_6_javafx)
When will Confluence support Java 7 and for which Confluence versions would that be?

Comment by Matt Ryall [ 04/Apr/2012 ]

We plan to support Java 7 from Confluence 4.2 onwards. We haven't found any further problems in our testing over the past few months.

Comment by Harry Chan [ 30/Apr/2012 ]

I'm running Confluence 4.2 and the menus/popups are completed stuffed under Java 7. Switching back to Java 6 and it works perfectly.

Comment by Mark Mielke [ 01/May/2012 ]

I switched to Java 7 for my 10 user instance to see how it works and I found what Harry found - the menus/popups showed up very wrong. However, because it's my 10 user instance, I also didn't mind zapping the plugins-osgi-cache directory. Upon rebuilding this cache, the menus/popups appear to be fine.

Comment by Harry Chan [ 03/May/2012 ]

I've came to the same conclusion Mark. Please document this somewhere for those planning to upgrade to Java 7. Also, would be good to document the performance difference of the G1 GC and if it'd be officially supported by Atlassian as G1 GC is now officially supported by Oracle as of java 7 update 4 (replacing CMS).

Comment by Matt Ryall [ 14/May/2012 ]

Please raise a bug for any issues you see with Java 7 in Confluence 4.2 or later, and we'll investigate these separately.

Comment by Nihad [ 01/Dec/2012 ]

after deleting plugins-osgi-cache with version 5.0 and java7 most popup problems went away. The quick search is the only popup that is still corrupt. I see the number infront of the results but the text is invisible.

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