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Ability to Export selected projects

Originally posed in forum - http://forums.atlassian.com/thread.jspa?messageID=257247499#257247499
"There also doesn't seem to be an option to extract a single project from Bamboo and migrate it to another"

Comment by Mark Chaimungkalanont [ 18/May/2007 ]

This should be extended to also allow easy input of the XML / creation through RPC

Comment by thomas menzel [ 18/Feb/2011 ]

since this is already almost 4 yrs old. here a use case from the real world:

we just installed the new bamboo 3.0 to find that there are many builds that wont work w/o some/serious migration effort anymore from the 2.3 world.

so we decided to not migrating some of the older plans and have now 2 bamboos running for about 3/4 year, since many of the these builds/projects on the 2.3 version wont be needed in the future as those customer projects terminate during the year – at least that's how it looks like. if they do all is fine, but if they dont, we would need to migrate those builds after all to the new server, for which we would need this functionality.

PS: having 2 bamboos hanging around is just too cumbersome

Comment by Eric Chadwick [ 30/Apr/2012 ]

+1 from me.
Similarly moving from a unix to a windows Bamboo environment requires a lot of plan and script rework. If you want to keep your plan results and numbering you need to export and import plus do all your plan reworking all before you can do another build on the new Bamboo install. This is not very flexible in a production environment.

It should be possible to import and export single plans or subsets of plans without overwriting the entire bamboo install and config.

It would be nice to be able to create/duplicate plans by XML input if required too - please let me know if this is already possible by dropping in files and restarting.



Comment by vdastpak [ 03/Jul/2012 ]

Another frequent use case for us is moving newly developed plans from the development server to the production server. Our build plans consist of large hierarchies of stages, jobs and tasks and rewriting each one of them takes many hours of manual, error-prone work.

Comment by Jason Edonick [ 27/Sep/2012 ]

Have to vote this one up some more. Migrating to 4.1.2 and having to recreate EVERY plan.

Comment by Adam Myatt [ 27/Sep/2012 ]

This functionality would be very useful from an operations and backup perspective. Also for people who develop Regulated products this would help facilitate their adoption of Bamboo.

Comment by James Dumay [Atlassian] [ 02/Oct/2012 ]

Hi Jason,

Why did you have to re-create every plan when upgrading to 4.1.2? Was exporting your old system and reimporting not working for you?


Comment by Oliver D'Alton [ 30/Mar/2013 ]

IMHO Import/Export of build plans should be in a format that is editable (e.g. xml, yaml, json) so you can perform changes and re-import and also put them under version control. This is especially useful for Bamboo OnDemand

Comment by Jamey Holden [ 23/May/2013 ]

As already mentioned, this is borderline critical from an operations perspective. Having just migrated to Bamboo from Hudson I sorely miss the automated backups of plan configurations after any change. With Hudson I could make loads of changes to a plan, and if it didn't work I would just revert the build and have everything work again. From what I've seen of Bamboo there is only the option to backup and restore the entire instance, which is not practical because we share the instance with over 5 different teams and it is unacceptable to interrupt each others builds to revert changes, not to mention that they may have made changes in the meantime which would be lost. If I'm wrong and this is possible please can someone let me know?

Comment by Thoren Wiemann [ 28/May/2013 ]


is there a chance that this feature will be implemented in the upcoming version 5?
There is no indication: https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/BAMBOO/Bamboo+5.0+beta+1+Release+Notes
We need this feature to merge multiple bamboo instances.


Comment by pawan sharma [ 02/Jul/2013 ]

WOW this issue is open from 6 years...

we recently migrated from bamboo 2.7 to 4.0 and believe me its a real pain to recreate all the plans manually and specially when number of plans is huge e.g. i have to recreate all 750 plans to new server.

i believe there for the sustainability of Bamboo they shuold introduce this feature of import export of plans/projects to different bamboo servers and even on different versions

Or atleast you should provide a plugin which can do the same task


Comment by James Dumay [Atlassian] [ 03/Jul/2013 ]

Hi Pawan,

Why did you have to migrate each plan manually to upgrade from 2.7 to 4.0? We support upgrading from 2.7.4 to 4.4.5.


Comment by James Dumay [Atlassian] [ 03/Jul/2013 ]

Hi Thoren Wiemann,

This functionality will not be available in the 5.0 release. We will update this ticket when there is more movement on it.


Comment by Goran Stankovski [ 13/Aug/2013 ]

Is there an API that is provided where this can be done programatically?

Comment by Michael Bellomo [ 13/Aug/2013 ]

This seems very related to BAM-12365

Comment by Antoine Boegli [ 14/Aug/2013 ]

@James Dumay : in fact, we have the same problem, we would like to version plans individually, in Subversion or git, for example. And we would like to be able to edit those plans exports to change parameters and things, in batches, without having to ressort to do them manually in the Bamboo click-o-drom. Currently, Bamboo is the only application we use where its config cannot be managed through Puppet + svn (for example) It's so annoying that we are really thinking about migrating all the plans to Jenkins (ok, we didn't for the moment since it is not possible to do it programatically, but if we could, we wouldn't need to do that migration in the first place...)

Comment by Goran Stankovski [ 16/Sep/2013 ]

Any updates on this? Surely this is a common use case.

Can this be done with a custom bamboo plugin? Are the APIs there and available to do so??

Comment by Jesse Vander Heyden [ 13/Feb/2014 ]

I have a very similar request: As a contract engineering firm, we would like to be able to export or backup data from Bamboo on a project-by-project basis. I imagine something similar to the "clone a plan" functionality, but with the ability to send the plan (or even better, the whole project) to a file which could be shared or archived.
The need for this is two-fold:
1) As a means of transmitting project plan configurations to our customers or other collaborators without containing proprietary system and user information.
2) As a means of archival so that a completed project could be deleted from the production Bamboo instance, but re-imported at a later date if necessary.

Comment by Michael Bellomo [ 13/Feb/2014 ]

Yes. I basically want to be able to export a single project, so that i can migrate it from one bamboo server to another.

Comment by Jordan Packer [ 13/Feb/2014 ]

I completely agree with the previous comments. We primarily want the functionality so that we can clean up old projects out of the current environment but be able to bring them back later on if needed.

Comment by Goran Stankovski [ 13/Feb/2014 ]

This can be achieved with a custom plugin.

Comment by Goran Stankovski [ 13/Feb/2014 ]

Unfortunately, you will need to write your own.

Comment by Mitch Balsam [ 23/Apr/2014 ]

We would also like to export individual plans.

Comment by Carolyn Van Slyck [ 02/May/2014 ]

I am writing a plugin, Trade Depot, which implements import/export of individual plans. It provides a REST api with straightforward json format.

There is a beta release on the marketplace, https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.carolynvs.trade_depot, if you would like to check it out and provide feedback. The project is hosted at https://bitbucket.org/carolynvs/bamboo-trade-depot with an issue tracker and detailed information on what features are supported.

While I would LOVE to see this supported natively in Bamboo, I think it has been ignored long enough that we, the community should move forward and help ourselves.

Comment by Gustavo Mota [ 21/May/2014 ]

My company is migrating to a cloud infrastructure. We have 457 plans and before migrating we need to build tests and staging servers for each project.
It's very imporant for us to move, or import/export projects one by one. We can't just shutdown and migrate all
Any chance of getting this?

Comment by Martin [ 30/Jul/2014 ]

Hi could we have an answer from the Atlassian team ? Any chance to get this implemented in next major version ?

Comment by James Youngman [ 30/Jul/2014 ]

Can you post some more examples of export? Thanks.

Comment by Maksym Grebenets [ 30/Jul/2014 ]

I believe example from Gustavo is very descriptive.
In out company we have personally faced this issue twice.

First example.
We are running evaluation Bamboo server on Mac OS X to build iOS apps. After a long period of time and lots of plans created on that server we have to migrate all iOS build plans to a Bamboo Mac agent which uses official license. We can't just export the whole Bamboo, because we are migrating to a server that already has dozens of build plans from another team, not even related to iOS. Without individual or bulk export for plans we end up with manually recreating each and every plan, which is very counter-productive.

Second example.
This is another real life example. Our organization had 2 Bamboo server instances, both properly licensed. One was running very old Bamboo version, another server was a bit newer. At some point the decision was made to deprecate old Bamboo servers and move to AWS cloud infrastructure. Again, since there is no individual or bulk plan export feature, all the plans have to be created from scratch.

Comment by Sten Pittet (Inactive) [ 03/Sep/2014 ]


I wanted to provide an update on our plans regarding import/export of projects and plans. At this stage we're leaning more toward providing support for storing plans in repositories via a configuration file using the .yml format. We believe that this would help a lot on the use cases described in the comments of this ticket.

I cannot communicate a release date for this development as we are in the early stages of the project but we would like to deliver improvements for plan configuration management in the first half of 2015.


Sten Pittet
Bamboo Product Manager

Comment by Xabier Davila [ 03/Oct/2014 ]

Hi Sten,
Many thanks for this update, I think this is awesome news as it will fix a few of the biggest lacks of Bamboo:

  • Lack of templeates
  • Import/Export individual plans
  • Keep track of all changes in plans configuration (not just what is being logged in Audit trail)

Is there any improvement we can follow to get updates on the progress of your configuration management via yml + repo?


Comment by Xabier Davila [ 10/Feb/2015 ]

Hi Sten Pittet,
Any updates on your comment from 3/Sep/14?
I'd love to have a place where to follow the progress of this improvement as it has a great impact in our plans for the next year.


Comment by Sten Pittet (Inactive) [ 24/Feb/2015 ]

Hi Xabier Davila,

We've done some investigations on the storage of plan configuration in repositories and we believe that one of the first step would be to solve BAM-1223 first before addressing the synching with a repository.

This is an ongoing project and due to its complexity it's hard to provide estimation, even rough ones. We will have a clearer visibility when we ship the next release of Bamboo in the next few weeks.


Sten Pittet
Bamboo Product Manager

Comment by Xabier Davila [ 24/Feb/2015 ]

Sten Pittet thanks for the update

Comment by Bill Cernansky [ 20/Mar/2015 ]

It's good news to hear that you are considering this. I'll make it even clearer how important it is. The way things stand now, if having your processes audited is a possibility, or if your industry requires the ability to patch very old software, you'd have to keep Bamboo plans for every project you've ever done. Not every plan, but at least one for every project. I don't know how cluttered it gets over there, but our Bamboo server controls so many plans. If we could export and import these plans, then we could put them in repositories ourselves and bring them back if we get audited.

It's a basic software need and it's completely missing. I urge you, Atlassian, please bring this on.

Comment by Thoren Wiemann [ 20/Mar/2015 ]

Thanks for the update. It would be nice if the feature would come soon.


Thoren Wiemann.

Comment by Tim Coulson [ 15/Apr/2015 ]

HI @spittet,
Since the release of 5.8, have you got a better idea of the timeframe within which this issue might be solved?

Comment by Tim Coulson [ 23/Apr/2015 ]

Hi again,
Good to see that you're working on this now. We have one concern with the implications of this functionality whereby if we start being able to share plans between servers with greater ease, jobs need to key workspace directories by their master - otherwise there will be a whole mess of conflicts occurring with overlapping plans. For example:


Caps lock because I'm shouting


Comment by Avner Silberman [ 27/May/2015 ]


This is #1 voted open issue at the moment - can we please get an update ?



Comment by Sten Pittet (Inactive) [ 27/May/2015 ]


We have started to spike the work that needs to be done for Import / Export and due to the complexity we're in the process of splitting it into smaller iterations. It's too early for me to give an estimated date right now but I'll give another update as soon as we have a better clarity on how we can address it and what timeframe we should have.


Sten Pittet
Bamboo Product Manager

Comment by Avner Silberman [ 27/May/2015 ]

Thanks for the update Sten. This is a big gap for us and we look forward to seeing it filled.

Comment by Karthikeyan S [ 09/Jun/2015 ]

Manually creating plans as we don't have these feature as of now

Comment by Karthikeyan S [ 09/Jun/2015 ]

Manually creating plans as we don't have these feature as of now

Comment by Xabier Davila [ 29/Jun/2015 ]

@Sten Pittet any updates on the roadmap for this feature? It's good to see that you're actually addressing this issue (IMO, one of the most important features Bamboo is lacking), so it would be good to get updates on the progress. It's been a month since your last update, so hopefully there's been some progress.

Comment by Avner [ 17/Aug/2015 ]

@Sten Pittet where are you guys with this issue. Any change we will see this by close of 2015?

Comment by Sten Pittet (Inactive) [ 21/Aug/2015 ]

Hi everyone,

It's still hard for me to say when it's going to ship but this is a strong candidate on the top of our backlog. One of the issue that we identified during our spikes is that the underlying architecture of Bamboo makes it difficult to do a full Project export and we're trying to split this project into smaller parts or work on some alternative to ease into it.

We may also try to solve this by improving our APIs so that our customers can get more flexibility to manage the build plans.


Sten Pittet
Bamboo Product Manager

Comment by Garret Pick [ 21/Aug/2015 ]

Would love to see this for the Cloud version as well.

Comment by Bill Cernansky [ 24/Aug/2015 ]

Hi, Sten. I don't know what you mean by a "full project export". I think the ability to export the definitions for a plan is what we are basically asking for. Something we can check into source control. Something that gives us the ability to bring up the plan quickly if we have to migrate to a different BB server or go back/forward in time. Right now, if the plan changes, you can't build what you built 6 months ago except manually. Total violation of SCM principles.

Comment by Shane Corbin [ 28/Jan/2016 ]

It's been a few months since the last comment on this. Are things getting any closer? @Bill Cernansky is absolutely right. Not having the ability to reproduce the build plan for a specific release is a gross violation of many audits. It's really a show stopper type of issue.

I'd even settle for an implementation detail of a specific version of Bamboo that states where plan configurations are stored. I could then at least lock on that version of Bamboo and swap the stored configurations if needed.

Comment by Craig Solinski [ 18/Feb/2016 ]

We really would like to be able to export a plan from our Test environment of Bamboo and import it to our Production environment of Bamboo. RATHER than have to redefine it! Unless I'm missing some other way that I'm not aware of - one must RECreate in PRD rather than being able to import the plan skeleton - Right?

Comment by Bill Cernansky [ 18/Feb/2016 ]

Currently, that is absolutely true, Craig.

Comment by Richard Cross [ 19/Apr/2016 ]

What Bamboo really needs is something similar to the Job Config History plugin available for Jenkins. This saves your job config after every change, and allows you to restore to previous configurations easily. In fact, from a user point-of-view, it's rather like the versioning for Confluence pages.

Comment by Dimitri Tischenko [ 20/Apr/2016 ]

I second the above and I think the ability to fetch a plan's config from version control automatically will be even better (travis does it like so: https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/customizing-the-build/ ).

Comment by Bill Cernansky [ 21/Apr/2016 ]

Dear Atlassian: This request has now been open for 9 years and has 247 votes.

9 years.

Comment by Sten Pittet (Inactive) [ 26/Apr/2016 ]


We are working on improvements for importing and exporting data from a Bamboo instance (all projects and plans). This is a stepping stone to be able to provide a similar capability for individual projects and plans.

I cannot provide a deadline but we're expecting those improvements to ship in the next 6 months.

Thanks for your patience.

Sten Pittet
Product Manager

Comment by Daniel Kelly [ 23/May/2016 ]

Is there any current workaround for this issue?
I need to export all build and deploy plans for a certain project and then import into another instance of Bamboo.
Please don't tell me this has to all be done manually!

Comment by Susan Seidlitz [ 30/Aug/2016 ]

This would extremely helpful. When Engineers want to test a plan in a Development environment and then move it to production, the admin has a lot of time consuming work to copy it to production. So, if you have a way in Jira to do this, why not in all the other Atlassian products?
For enterprise environments, like Intel, this is a MUST!

Comment by Bob Vandehey [ 25/Sep/2016 ]

There not only needs to be a way to export and import a plan, there should also be a way to load a plan from source control. Since plans evolve over time, to build an older version of a project becomes a problem when the build plan is not versioned as part of the project. Much of this can be alleviated by just using ant/nant/msbuild/psake scripts that are versioned but there is still much information within a complex plan that changes from one version to the next. We should also be able to have a local agent simulator that can run that plan in a non-distributed way for testing before checkin.

Comment by Bob Swift [Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons] [ 26/Sep/2016 ]

See my post here regarding plan creation from source. If you start from source, then there is no need for import/export. Unfortunately, there currently is no way to create source from an existing plan without significantly more REST API support from Bamboo to extract plan information.

Comment by Gustavo Mota [ 26/Sep/2016 ]

I was with this problem in 2014, and they told, in thi thread that in 2015 bamboo will have this feature.

2016 and still nothing.

I have to migrate manually all my builds.

Comment by sam savage [ 17/Oct/2016 ]

Yeah, Jenkins has a means to get an XML. Would be great if Bamboo has something like this. xml/json/yaml - something.

Comment by Maciej Lad [ 26/Oct/2016 ]

@Bob Swift - ok, maybe REST is ok, but normal user not use rest and many tools.

As a normal user I want export/import plan in zip/xml format in easy way ( click button )
Many developers use jenkins - usefull and free.
Bamboo is not very usefully and not free.
How I propagate Bamboo in organization if this is very important argument to not use Bamboo.

Comment by Susan Seidlitz [ 04/Jan/2017 ]

Wow, guys! This has been an ask since 2007? Seems like a no-brainer that Bamboo needs this feature! 

Comment by John Kirkham [ 04/Jan/2017 ]

Yes, it has been long enough that I'm giving up hope on this feature making it into Bamboo.  I hope I'm wrong though.

Comment by Mark Gibson [ 05/Jan/2017 ]

A beta YAML export feature appeared in 5.14 with an indication that full export/import will follow in the next release... https://confluence.atlassian.com/bamboo/bamboo-5-14-release-notes-856821277.html#Bamboo5.14ReleaseNotes-BuildplansanddeploymentprojectsinYAML(beta)

Comment by Mibex Software [ 11/Jan/2017 ]


If you don't mind a commercial plug-in, you could use our Plan DSL for Bamboo. This plug-in provides an open source Groovy based DSL to script your build plans and deployment projects. We also support the export of plans and deployment projects to this DSL. Here's an example of how this looks like:

project(key: 'MYPROJECT', name: 'My project') {
    plan(key: 'MYPLAN', name: 'My plan') {
        stage(name: 'My stage') {
            description 'My stage'
            manual false

            job(key: 'BUILD', name: 'Maven build job' ) {
                tasks {
                    maven3x(goal: 'install') {
                        description 'build plug-in'
                        executable 'maven323'
                        buildJdk 'jdk8'
                        environmentVariables 'MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m"'

        deploymentProject(name: 'my deployment project') {
            environment(name: 'staging') {
            environment(name: 'production') {

Because this DSL is just Groovy, you have the full power of a programming language to script your Bamboo instances. If you're interested, you can find more information in our Wiki.

Comment by Przemek Bruski [ 26/Apr/2017 ]

The preferred way to get that functionality is to use Bamboo Specs.


Note that we do not have a full coverage of Bamboo features for now, but we'll get there.

Comment by Phil Rittenhouse [ 23/May/2017 ]

I can see how Bamboo Specs can be used to generate a build plan but I don't see how it could be used to export an existing plan.  We have the option now to export a plan as YML but not import so this feature request seems to still be unresolved.


Comment by Clara Yuan [ 08/Jun/2017 ]

if i want to move a individual plan with it's configuration and logs ,history to another bamboo server , can bamboo specs work?

Comment by Mahesh Pawar [ 12/Jun/2017 ]

I can see bamboo specs of my plan in bamboo 6.0. Can it be use to export this plan to naother bamboo machine(6.0 & above)?

Or any other way exists?


Comment by Przemek Bruski [ 12/Jun/2017 ]

Phil Rittenhouse You can export to Specs in 6.0.

Clara Yuan no, that's not possible.

Mahesh Pawar Yes, you can use it to copy the plan.

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