Jira tracks issues, which can be bugs, feature requests, or any other tasks you want to track.

Each issue has a variety of associated information including:

  • the issue type
  • a summary
  • a description of the issue
  • the project which the issue belongs to
  • components within a project which are associated with this issue
  • versions of the project which are affected by this issue
  • versions of the project which will resolve the issue
  • the environment in which it occurs
  • a priority for being fixed
  • an assigned developer to work on the task
  • a reporter - the user who entered the issue into the system
  • the current status of the issue
  • a full history log of all field changes that have occurred
  • a comment trail added by users
  • if the issue is resolved - the resolution

Issue Types

Jira can be used to track many different types of issues. The currently defined issue types are listed below. In addition, you can add more in the administration section.

For Regular Issues
A problem which impairs or prevents the functions of the product.
New Feature
A new feature of the product, which has yet to be developed.
A task that needs to be done.
An improvement or enhancement to an existing feature or task.
Support Request
Issue that is likely specific to the installation
Third-party issue
An issue relating to a third-party product (eg. app server) that nevertheless affects this product
Atlassian Task
A User Request
OEM Task
Its not quite a feature and not quite a bug its a fug!
Test Case
Laurel Marketing Task
Marketing Tasks for Laurel in the SF Office
PM Decision
Dev Speed
Customer Problem
A general description of a customer problem
Marketing Request
Request for a blog post, event, or campaign assistance
Technical Improvement
Created by Jira Software - do not edit or delete. Issue type for a big user story that needs to be broken down.
Created by Jira Software - do not edit or delete. Issue type for a user story.
Spam Issue
This issue is a piece of Spam.
Terminology Update
Public Security Vulnerability
Request for info
Flaky Test
Non-project task
A Task that has to be done but doesn't directly relate to the project
Development Task
Internal Atlassian development task
Holds retro stuff
Technical Story
A backend "story"
UX Story
A story that's more about making a feature most lust worthy
A user experience task
Testing Task
Analytics event
For Sub-Task Issues
The sub-task of the issue
Technical task
A technical task.
Crucible Subtask
Subtask raised from a Crucible review
Dev. Sub-task
Development subtask
QA Task

Priority Levels

An issue has a priority level which indicates its importance. The currently defined priorities are listed below. In addition, you can add more priority levels in the administration section.

Our top priority issues
High priority issues
Medium priority issues
Low priority issues


Status Categories

Helps identify where an issue is in its lifecycle.
Issues move from To Do to In Progress when work starts on them, and later move to Done when all work is complete.


Represents anything for which work has been completed

In Progress

Represents anything in the process of being worked on

No Category

A category is yet to be set for this status

To Do

Represents anything new

Issue Statuses

Each issue has a status, which indicates the stage of the issue. In the default workflow, issues start as being Open, progressing to In Progress, Resolved and then Closed. Other workflows may have other status transitions.

Issue is open and has not yet been accepted by Atlassian.
In Progress
The development team is currently working on this issue.
This issue was once resolved, but the resolution was deemed incorrect. From here issues are either marked assigned or resolved.
This issue has been rolled out to our Cloud instances, and also fixed in a Server release. Please look at the Transitions tab to get to know when it was deployed to Cloud, and to the Fix Version field to find out when it was resolved in a Server release.
Work on this issue is complete. If it’s fixed in a Server product, the resolution will be ‘Fixed’ and the Fix Version field will indicate the product version that contains the fix. If no code changes were required, the resolution will be ‘Duplicate', 'Won't fix', 'Handled by support', 'Timed out', or similar.
Information Gathering
Needs Verification
Atlassian needs to verify that this issue exists
This issue has been verified by Atlassian
Prioritised and assigned
Ready for Review
This issue is ready for review by stakeholders
More Work Required
More work is required following review
Ready to Commit
This issue has been reviewed and is ready to be committed
Work is committed and ready to be pushed live
Reviewed by Marketing
This issue has been reviewed by the marketing team
Ready for Review by Jon
Ready for Review by Dev Team
Content Modification Needed
Ready for Review by Sales
Dev Team Approved
Sales Team Approved
Ready for Review by Ernie
Ernie Approved
Ready for Design
Ready for Web Release
Ready for Web Design
Ready for Laurel Review
To be reviewed
Technical Review
An issue has been implemented and is now undergoing a technical review
Quality Review
An issue has been reviewed by developers and is now undergoing a review by quality assurance
Needs Triage
This issue is waiting to be reviewed by a member of the Atlassian product team. Typically, only recently created issues are in this status. Our product teams review these issues regularly.
Long Term Roadmap
This issue has been reviewed by Product Management and is being considered for a future release.
Short Term Roadmap
This issue has been reviewed by Product Management and is being considered for a near term release.
Awaiting Review
This issue is newly created and is awaiting review from Product Management.
This issue is newly created and is awaiting review from Product Management.
Under Review
Awaiting Development
Awaiting Quality Review
Awaiting Soak
In Repository
Pull Requested
Selected for Development
In Refinement
Ready for Development
In Development
In Review
A fix for this issue has been proposed and is being reviewed and quality-tested by the development team.
Ready for Release
Blocked or Parked due to an external dependency not being completed.
The issue was deemed out of scope or no longer necessary to fix or work on
Awaiting Design Review
Design in Progress
Design Backlog
Open - untriaged
Issue triaged and accepted by Atlassian. Work has not started.
Resolved - pending deploy
Waiting for Build
Issues in this status
Awaiting Merge
Issue has been fixed and QA-ed but has not been merged to master/stable branch
This status is managed internally by JIRA Software
This status is managed internally by JIRA Software
Waiting for Atlassian
To Do
Testing Notes
Testing notes for an issue should be written during this status
In Preview
This status is managed internally by JIRA Software
QA Kickoff
Partially implemented
Verified by Dev
This status is managed internally by JIRA Software
Deployed to Cloud
This issue was rollout to our Cloud instances. It's still not fixed into a Server release though. To see when the Cloud rollout happened, please look into the Transitions tab. To see what's the plan for Server, please look at the Fix Version field.
Awaiting Release
Issue is merged but awaiting release to production
Released to Cloud
Needs More Information
Released to Server
Gathering Interest
This suggestion needs more unique domain votes and comments before being reviewed by our team.
We're currently reviewing this suggestion. This may involve collecting more information about the customer problem, conducting a technical investigation or analysing the strategic alignment with our roadmap.
Under Consideration
We are looking into this suggestion and believe it to be a strong candidate for our roadmap. We will continue investigating and provide a follow-up in a few months time.
Future Consideration
We see this suggestion as a potential candidate for our longer term roadmap, but won't be working on it at the moment. We will reconsider the suggestion in a year.
Not Being Considered
Whilst we appreciate the potential impact and value this issue may bring to our customers, we will not be working on it in the foreseeable future. We will review this ticket in a year to see if our decision has changed.
Waiting for Dev Spt
Gathering Impact
This issue has been reviewed, but needs more supporting information to gauge how pervasive the problem is.
Long Term Backlog
A fix for this issue is required, but planned for farther in the future. This is because it’s not as severe or pervasive as other issues.
Short Term Backlog
A fix for this issue is required, and will be prioritised in the near future. This is because it’s more severe or pervasive than other issues.
Waiting for Release
A fix for this issue has been implemented and is waiting to be shipped in a release.
Waiting on Support
Waiting on Customer
Waiting on Dev
Product Backlog
Linguistic Backlog
Product Grooming
On Hold
Public Roadmap
Idea Backlog
Planned for innovation week


An issue can be resolved in many ways, only one of them being "Fixed". The defined resolutions are listed below. You can add more in the administration section.

A fix for this issue is checked into the tree and tested.
Won't Fix
The problem described is an issue which will never be fixed.
The problem is a duplicate of an existing issue.
The problem is not completely described.
Cannot Reproduce
All attempts at reproducing this issue failed, or not enough information was available to reproduce the issue. Reading the code produces no clues as to why this behavior would occur. If more information appears later, please reopen the issue.
Issue has found to be invalid.
Resolved Locally
The issue was local to the user's installation (a support request, not a bug)
Handled by Support
This Issue will now be handled in the http://support.atlassian.com
Support query has been answered, or issue confirmed
Timed out
Issue closed due to lack of response - feel free to reopen if necessary.
Issue was valid at some stage, but has become redundant due to other developments
Not a bug
The issue is not a bug (eg. it may be a usage or documentation issue).
Unsolved Mysteries
Issues where no real solution to the underlying problem has been found but everyone is quite happy to let it go
Resulted in purchase
Tracked Elsewhere
The issue is not tracked on this instance, either because it's a third-party problem or because there is another JIRA instance which tracks this issue.
The issue has been deployed into production
Support Request
This problem should be resolved via a support request.
Won't Do
This issue won't be actioned.
Incorrectly Filed
Low Engagement
Low customer engagement and limited demand for this request (number of votes, number of watchers)
The issue has been created by a spam account
Unsupported - Server EoS
New resolution for closed Server-only tickets