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Add support for integrated authentication for Microsoft SQL Server


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      Atlassian status as of December 2016

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      Norman Ma

      Product Manager - Bitbucket Server

      With the move from using jTDS to access Microsoft SQL Server in Stash to using Microsoft's own JDBC driver, a nice improvement to also make would be to allow selecting integrated authentication in the UI.

      Currently, to use integrated authentication users must directly modify stash-config.properties to set their own jdbc.url value. This means it is not possible to migrate to SQL Server using integrated authentication, nor is it possible to select SQL Server during initial setup if integrated authentication is required.

      When SQL Server is selected as the database, a checkbox for selecting integrated authentication could be added. When selected, the username and password prompts should be disabled/hidden and no longer considered required; any credentials provided in those fields will be ignored.

      When integrated authentication is selected, the server should choose the correct sqljdbc_auth.dll for the JVM's architecture and include it in the java.library.path automatically. Currently, this step must be done manually, in addition to modifying the JDBC URL.

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