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When doing a migration without users using CCMA users are not visible in the admin area



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      Issue Summary

      According to our documentation when doing a space import using Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant, even by selecting the option to not migrate users, users that have content on the spaces migrated would be created on the destination Cloud, they would not have the group membership migrated but the accounts should be created as active but without product access.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Using CCMA create a plan to migrate spaces from Confluence Server to Cloud.
      2. Chose not to migrate users
      3. Verify on the Cloud if the users were migrated

      Expected Results

      Users would be migrated without any groups, and thus not have product access, they would be active users.

      As per our documentation: Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant

      Selecting no users

      When you select none under users and groups, we will still migrate some user data connected to the spaces you are migrating. This is to make sure that mentions, comments, and page history stay active.

      User data that will be migrated every time includes:

      • full name
      • username (discarded after migration)
      • email address

      We will only migrate this information for users directly connected to the spaces you are migrating. We will not give these users product access or add them to any groups. They will appear in your cloud site user list.

      If you choose to migrate users later, their product and group access will be updated.

      Also, if you choose not to migrate users and groups and you have a space permission granted by a group that don't exist in cloud, the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant will not migrate the respective space permission. To avoid this scenario, we recommend you to create the specific group in the cloud site before migration.

      Actual Results

      Users are not migrated, during the test only one account out of 3 was created.


      Inviting the accounts with the same email as in the server will link the content to the users.


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