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When doing a migration without migrating groups and users space permissions will not be migrated



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      Issue Summary

      When doing a migration using Cloud Migration Assistant for Confluence, you have the option to migrate users and groups altogether, however, for some customers, this may not be possible due to several reasons, accounts without email, users using the same email, etc.

      In those circumstances, customers may opt to chose not to migrate users and groups, however, if a space has permissions tied to a group that doesn't exist in the Cloud, a custom group, these permissions will not be migrated since the group will not be created during the space import process.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a space in Confluence Server
      2. Create a custom group
      3. Assign this group to grant permission on the space
      4. Migrate the space to Cloud not migrating users and groups.

      Expected Results

      The permissions will be added in the space in the Cloud and the corresponding group would be created.

      Actual Results

      Space permission is not carried over, which can cause problems while accessing the space.


      Create the groups before you migrate the spaces, you can contact support, or attempt to use our Confluence REST API the groups need to be created with the exact casing as in the server.

      SQL query to extract group permissions in spaces:

      select s.spacekey, s.spacename, permtype, permgroupname
      from spacepermissions sp
      join spaces s on sp.spaceid = s.spaceid;


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