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Unlicensed Users are migrated to Confluence Cloud



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      Issue Summary

      When we link Jira Service Desk to a Confluence Space as a Knowledge Base there are two options for setting user permissions

      1. All active users and customers can access the knowledge base without a Confluence license.
      2. Only licensed users who have access to the space

      In order for this to work, we link Confluence to Jira as a User Directory, and the customers in Jira are imported into Confluence as Unlicensed Users. They are in the cwd_user table but have no groups and no Can Use permissions.

      The Confluence Server does not have Anonymous Access, but the Space does. This allows Jira Service Desk to return Confluence pages as search results when entering a ticket as a customer.

      When we use CMAC to export from Confluence Server to Confluence Cloud, we send all the users and groups. As the customers are not in any groups, they don't have any permission to use Confluence Cloud however they are migrated.


      • Jira Service Desk linked to Confluence Server with a Knowledge Base with customer access with this setting

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Set up Jira Service Desk
      2. Set up Confluence
      3. Link Jira Service Desk to Confluence as a Knowledge Base as documented
      4. Migrate Confluence Server using CMAC

      Expected Results

      Only users with Can Use or mapped to a Group are imported into Confluence Cloud

      Actual Results

      All Unlicensed Users are imported into Confluence Cloud


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available


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