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      • The Velocity chart will show amount of the Backlog item estimation statistic from Sprint to Sprint
      • The graph is bucketed by Sprint
      • For each Sprint the velocity is equal to the sum of the backlog item estimate for all issues that are in the last column at the end of the Sprint
      • Would also show the sum of estimation statistic committed to during the Sprint (i.e the ones that did not get done)
      • The PBI estimate used is from the time the issue was added to the Sprint (i.e at the start of the Sprint if the item was in at Sprint start or at the time it was added in the middle of the Sprint)
      • The graph is followed by a table that describes the values shown in the table
      • For each Sprint a row is shown along with the sum of completed and non completed PBIs, hyperlink to the Sprint report
      • A link is provided to the detailed Sprint burndown for that Sprint
      • For now hardcode to last 7


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