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Estimation and progress reporting for Kanban epics



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      Just because you don't use sprints doesn't mean you don't use estimation (remember, issue count is estimation) to help prioritize and plan your work. I've worked with several teams who want to use story points or tshirt sizing for estimation for prioritization and planning, but for whom sprints just won't work.

      If you use epics, even if you don't use sprints, you have identified a large piece of work and have broken it down. It doesn't make sense that you would not want reporting on your progress and the work that is left. Scrum boards allow for progress tracking on epics based off of issue count and time tracking, so why not allow this for Kanban?

      Currently I have to advise Kanban teams to make a scrum board just to access these reports or buy an add-on to replicate features that are available out of the box, on a different board type.

      Also I have seen several requests that might be similar marked as closed due to low demand, however we can't vote on closed issues. Even if this isn't on the road map, please leave this open so that people who would use these features can vote for it.


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