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As a user, I want to associate "Remaining Estimate" as the Estimation Statistic on an agile board


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      We are currently using "original time estimate" as the estimation statistic AND have Time Tracking using remaining estimate and work logging enabled.

      The effect we now have is that, whenever stories or tasks are not completed in a sprint they get moved back to the backlog (which is perfectly normal), however, when using the planning board after that, the "total work" for the next sprint you plan, will use the original estimates of the stories.
      When you have a story of 2days work and only 2h left, this is not desired of course as the sum of sprint work the planning board shows are useless.

      It would be solved (for us) by enabling us to choose "remaining estimate" as an estimation statistic, next to original estimate.

      Next to that, on the "work board" the estimates in the lower corner of the cards should consequently also show the "remaining time" instead of the original estimate.

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