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Ticket does not refresh automatically



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      The issue happens and only workaround is refreshing the whole browser.

      The issue happens and only workaround is refreshing the whole browser.


      Issue Summary

      When the user tries to edit any field in the Scrum Backlog Issue details board, the edited value doesn't refresh in the issue list. The edited value just appears if the user refreshes the whole page.

      This issue happens in Macbook machines only regardless of the browser navigator. Please see the customer specifications below:

      Macbook characteristics
      chip: Apple M1 Pro
      cores: 10
      memory: 16 GB
      iOS Ventura 13.3.1

      Please see the attached video which reproduces the symptom.

      This is reproducible on Data Center: Yes

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a scrum board
      2. Open the board backlog.
      3. Create two issues on it
      4. The next steps must be performed in a short interval to reproduce the bug. We used the Story Points fields in our tests
        • Add a value to issue 1.
        • Switch to issue 2.
        • Add a value to issue 2.
        • Switch to issue 1.
      5. The issue 2 value won’t be displayed, the page must be refreshed.

      Expected Results

      The edited value should refresh automatically a few seconds later

      Actual Results

      The edited value keeps unrefreshed until the user refreshes the browser


      The workaround is to refresh the browser manually.





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