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Roadmap - See issues under Epic


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      We need to be able to see not only the date visually for the epic, but also for the issues/tasks/bugs and Child issues for them. It's hard to get a overveiw of an epic, when the only shown date on the map is the epic... It would be more usable if we could se the assignments under the epic and the how they block or link to each other.


      We could be able to live without seeing the child issue on the map, not perfereble, but we can't go on not having the assignments under the epic.


      I have tried to show what I mean in af little simpel mock-up under here:


      EPIC                            **   *  |_____________|*

           *Issue/task/bug        |_____|*

                *Child Issue              |__|*

           Issue/task/bug                  |_____|

                Child Issue                         |__|



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