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Is there a way to assign more than one shared team on an issue?



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      Is there a way to assign more than one shared team on an issue. I only see the opportunity to add just a single team.

      On many of our global initiatives we have a team set to execute this, but in cases we need central teams from supporting departments from within our organization to participate to execute work for this initiative.

      These are more ad-hoc or small pieces of work that they have to execute. So these teams or members of these teams are not allocated within the roadmap of these initiatives.

      Because all related work might not yet been set in Epics, Stories, etc..., to be able to assign this to a team.

      From management perspective we want to see which supporting teams are requested to participate on initiatives.

      But we want these teams to know that they need to participate. So we have setup shared teams for this matter, but we want to be able to set more than one team to an initiative.

      Off-course we could use custom fields or components (per project, very administrative work) for this. But the teams option from advanced roadmap would be preferred as we want to start to use the capacity of the team option as well in the near future.





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