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Adding a repository with a SSH URL using the Development Information API doesn't give an error or trigger automation events


      Issue Summary

      Jira Rest API's accept a URL in SSH and HTTP format, however automation triggers only work when the URL is supplied in HTTP format.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Step 1
        Use the JIRA Development Information API to store repository details, providing the repository URL in SSH format, for example
        "id": "d2e56c5c-5cae-4852-9fc6-4f25abee7212",
        "url": "git@bitbucket.org:repo12.git",
        "name": "repo12",
        "avatar": "my-avatar-url",
        "commits": [],
        "branches": [],
        "description": "The repo1 repository",
        "pullRequests": [],
        "updateSequenceId": 2,
        "avatarDescription": "Something witty"
      1. Step 2
        Create an automation trigger for a 'Commit Created' event, then create a commit in your repository.

      Expected Results

      An error is displayed when the URL is supplied in the incorrect format; OR
      Automation events are triggered for SSH URL's

      Actual Results

      No error is displayed when the URL is supplied in SSH format; AND
      Automation events are not triggered for SSH URL's


      Entering all URL's in HTTP format and not SSH format.

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