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Delete "you can resolve or close this issue instead" text not accurate



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      Trying to delete an issue currently shows an alert that ends:  

      "> If you're not sure, you can resolve or close this issue instead."

      However, there is no way to "close" an issue on next-gen project – or at least, no two ways to finish an issue. In each project, an issue can only be resolved a single way, whatever the last column on the board is, is the resolution status.  

      Therefore, this alert should read something like, "If you're not sure, you can resolve this issue instead." 

      (This is a deliberate choice apparently, https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Next-gen-questions/How-do-you-resolve-or-close-an-issue-in-a-next-gen-project/qaq-p/1050600 While I think that only one way to resolve an causes problems, especially with issue statistics, fixing the copy will prevent others from looking for how to "close" an issue from the delete alert text, when there is only a single alternative to deletion. This ticket is only about the delete alert text being not accurate about the 1 single alternative to deleting.)  




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