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Provide multilanguage support for Service Desk



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Service Desk Server. Using JIRA Service Desk Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Atlassian Update 4-Dec-2018

      Hello, everyone! First, we want to thank you for your feedback. Secondly, since our last update there has been progress related to internationalization that we want to highlight:

      • JSD 3.3: customers can change their language preference in the portal by selecting Profile under their profile avatar, and then choosing to Edit their profile. This means the portal and future notifications will be sent to them in their chosen language.
      • JSD 3.9: we've added JIRA Service Desk support for all the languages supported by the JIRA platform, which now brings the total number of languages supported by JIRA Service Desk to 20. While JIRA admins can set the default language for your instance, users also can select their preferred language in their user profile. This helps JIRA Service Desk be more flexible for organizations with a diverse workforce.
      • JSD 3.14: added dutch to a growing list of languages available, out of the box.
      • JSD 4.11: implemented a feature allowing project admins to provide translations for customer portal in multiple languages

      With this being said, we've been analyzing this request and the comments in it, and we understand that there is interest in expanding upon the existing internationalization features, and although we have exciting ideas related to this, they are not compatible with our current roadmap. For now, we have decided to include the request in the list for Future consideration, meaning that we see this as a candidate for our longer term roadmap, but will not be working on it at the moment and will re-evaluate it in the near future.

      Best regards
      Rene Chiquete - JAC Champion


      During my evaluation I discovered that JSD is not able to offer a
      customer helpdesk in diffrent languages for diffrent customers.

      In fact it is not even able to offer a proper helpdesk in an other
      language as English, because of bugs in mailgeneration and a stating page
      which does not seem to care about language at all.

      Regarding the missing possibilty to select a language as customer I have
      to state that I'm not only dissapointed but quite shocked.

      There are countries in the world where the customer (and sometimes
      also the law) expect support in the local language. If a company wants to
      sell its products there AND also international, you always have the need
      a helpdesk in diffrent languages.

      I simply cannot understand that JSD does not offer this.
      As Jira Users can choose the language you already have anything you need to implement this:

      • a framework and a process to deal with translations.
      • a software which is capable of dealing with diffrent languages
      • a user profile implementation which deals with a language setting


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