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Remove e-mail signatures from incoming mail



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      Update 9th June 2022

      Hi everyone,

      Thanks for your continued interest and feedback. I'm providing some more details around the roll out and plans.

      We have commenced rollout and expect it to take around 2 -3 weeks to reach all customers while we ensure that there are no major issues.

      We are rolling out the following-

      1) Default detection which only works with some providers where we are able to accurately identify the signature portion.
      2) Custom detection capabilities that can be configured when default detection is insufficient to cater to specific cases.

      At this stage we have not yet fixed the issue of multiple attachments from images. The feature request can be followed here. This is expected to be a follow on. We are prioritising an early release as the current feature set fixes the issue completely for some customers and offers a better experience overall for others.

      Please do let us know of any issues being experienced with regards to the rollout or any questions on how to use custom detection.

      Here's the relevant documentation - https://support.atlassian.com/jira-service-management-cloud/docs/hide-email-signatures-in-the-issue-view-and-portals/


      Jason and the Jira Service Management team


      • The initial ticket is quite long as the signature is taking up space which is not useful.
      • An extra comment is added with the signature images attached which is sort of useless.


      Checking that everything after the signature sign "--" is removed or not taken into account


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