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Ability to copy request types to another Service Desk.



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Service Desk Cloud. Using JIRA Service Desk Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Problem Definition

      • In some cases, there are a lot of request types created in a Service Desk project. It's a lot of works for the admins to configure the Request Types on each new Service Desk project.

      Suggested Solution

      • Provide the ability to reuse or copy the request types to another Service Desk project like creating new a project with shared configurations.

      Why this is important

      • Reduce the works when creating new projects
      • Reduce the time needed when managing the projects
      Original Request

      As a Service Desk Administrator, it would be nice if I could copy the request types created in one Service Desk, to another Service Desk.

      In some cases, there are a lot of request types created in a single Service Desk, and then if I want to use the same request types in another project, I will have to create them by hand.

      If the Admin was able to copy them to the other project, it would save some time.


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