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deactivate or inactivate a sprint in place



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      JIRA would be much more Agile if a sprint could become Not Active, after becoming Active.

      Currently, it is impossible in JIRA for the user to change their mind, once a sprint becomes Active.  I have been unable to find a practical reason for this behavior.

      JIRA should be consistent between different features in the product, such as Issues and Sprints.  Notice the design and support for moving individual issues between the various states and statuses, such as Start Progress and Stop Progress, and Resolve, Close, and Reopen.  The same concepts should apply to Sprints.

      There are arduous workarounds, such as completing, deleting and recreating a Sprint.  Frankly, this is not a viable workaround, it is more of a desparate hack.  Project Managment is hard enough without having rework imposed by tools.  As an example, the rework of completing a Sprint, deleting a Sprint, then rebuilding a brand new Sprint from scratch, exactly like the Sprint which was just deleted, for the sole purpose of having an idential Sprint that is Inactive, due to JIRA lacking an Inactivate button.

      This new feature would function exactly like the Start Progress and Stop Progress buttons do for an Issue.




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