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Rename support of groups/users


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      Raised for jira-root@3SOFT.de

      PLEASE support this feature.

      We add new groups to restrict sets of users to certain projects (and we have many projects and many groups and many users in them).

      And there is no way to correct typos (without direct database/XML access).

      Imagine the following scenario.

      1) add new groups: projectname-customer-role
      (e.g. foobar-birch-telecom-tester, foobar-birch-telecom-developer, ...)
      2) add around 30 user to the various groups

      3) make new schemes (issue,notification,permission,....) for a new "special" project
      4) add the new project – assign the schemes ....

      5) launch the new project
      6) two weeks later you get the info from one user
      "hey man - I'm in the group "foobar-bitch-telcom-tests" it's not bitch it's birch ....
      7) Now how should we help the user to get out of a group of bitchs?


      NB: In this support request screen there is a small description below this big textarea and this description is wrong (here we should not "Enter a one-line summary of the problem"

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