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Nesting groups within groups



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      (description from JRA-5229)

      We have a very large user base (thousands of users).

      It would be good if a group could contain a reference to other groups since this makes maintaining groups much less tedious.

      For example:

      Group A: User1, User2

      Group B: User65, User 98

      Group C: Group A, Group B, User 142

      Group C is in a sense "dyanmic" so that if another user is added to Group A then Group C is effectively updated too (i.e. I'm not request the ability to have a "one time copy" of users into a new group).

      From a mail thread on jira-users

      > A useful feature, I think. I'm trying to enforce some sort of consistency
      > in permissioning projects by using groups like $(key)-admin,
      > $(key)-developer, $(key)-submitter. When only a small subset of people
      > are allowed to submit a ticket, this works fine but when a project wants
      > 'everyone' to be able to submit then I wind up not creating the -submitter
      > group and permissioning jira-users instead. I'd like to be able to still
      > create and permission the $(key)-submitter group for consistency but just
      > make 'jira-users' a member... consistency in the groups makes scripting a
      > lot easier too...


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