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Define default project dashboards and add them to project members


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      As a global JIRA admin, I can configure default project dashboards, which get automatically added to a project member on project creation and/or project member change, so that my users can see the status of all their projects without manual interaction.


      In our organization, users usually are working on a set of short to mid term projects. Hence new projects get created regularly and users get added or removed regularly.

      The desire is to have a common default dashboard, which reports the project status in the scope of the respective project, which does not require manual configuration. On project creation, this dashboard should be automatically made available based on a central template and should get pushed to all current and future project members.

      Users would see dashboards for all the projects, they are assigned to after directly after login, without the need of manually adding/configuring a dashboard.


      • Create and maintain auto-dashboard templates per project type in the admin interface. Potentially multiple auto-dashboards (e.g. one with a general overview, one focused on defects)
      • Auto-Dashboard templates are based on the "standard" dashboard gadgets
      • The gadgets are based on filters, which ignore any project context.
      • If an auto-dashboard is added to the dashboards for a user, he context of the affected project is automatically added to the underlying filters
      • When a user gets added to a project, the auto-dashboard will be added to the favourite dashboards. If he gets removed, the auto-dashboard also gets removed
      • Users can opt-out of these dashboards.

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